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Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

Read time 10 min read
Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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YouTube Google Ads

It has become more necessary than ever for marketers to figure out how to promote their YouTube channels. The reason being that YouTube has recently overtaken Facebook as the world’s most visited website. In an era where potential customers spend hours watching videos and researching, YouTube marketers need to appeal to their customers. 

The boom of video marketing has resulted in a flood of rival brands trying to promote themselves on YouTube. As such, marketers need to take advantage of the available promotional tactics to stand out on YouTube marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or want to expand your audience base, YouTube can be a useful marketing tool. But does Google ads work for YouTube videos? Here is how they can help promote your channel and maximize its viewership. 

Choose Your Ad Formats Wisely

YouTube offers a range of different ad formats that might sometimes seem complicated. These ad formats can include non-skippable, skippable, sponsored, or bumper display Google ads YouTube. It would help if you started by reading about each format on YouTube before deciding which option suits you. For example, a discovery ad or in-stream video would make sense for a channel creator looking to build his or her brand awareness. For example:

Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

(Image Credit: QuarterLab)

However, sponsored Google ads YouTube might make sense for marketers looking to gain leads and draw more traffic to their website. Experts recommend experimenting with different ad formats and comparing the effectiveness of each. But be sure to follow Google’s specs to ensure the quality and dimension of your videos match up. Research would help you understand the ad format that is best suited for your business goal.

Utilize YouTube Targeting Options

As is with Google, Twitter, and Facebook marketing, YouTube marketers should pay close attention to the messages that their audience consume. With millions of potential viewers and subscribers out there, it is not worth wasting efforts and money on an irrelevant and unqualified audience. YouTube offers a myriad of tools that gives you control over the audience that sees your videos. Demographic marketing is a proven technique that can help target the right audience. For example, it would make sense for a brand selling sports shoes to advertise to people who are already interested in sports.

Using Engaging Titles

Video marketing is all about impression. Titles can make or break your video performance. The key to crafting killer YouTube titles is grabbing the attention of the target audience and avoiding clickbait headlines. YouTube viewers crave entertaining content and would want to know what your videos are about from onset. YouTube giants, including WhatCulture and BuzzFeed, could be a nice place to get ideas for your titles. Their titles are often hyperbole, question-based, or lists. An example would be Athlean X’s fitness-based videos, which sneak in relevant phrases and keywords in titles. Here are just a few examples of Athlean X video titles:

Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

Take time to mull over attention-grabbing titles and don’t stick with the first idea that pops into your mind. Experts recommend keeping Google ads YouTube titles between 41 to 70 characters, but some headline analyzing tools recommend no more than 55 characters. These tools aren’t specifically for video titles, but they can help brainstorm engaging titles to maximize your channel’s viewership.

YouTube offers endless opportunities, including publishing videos from Sprout to YouTube. Also, YouTube provides its users with extensive search capabilities that can help them track the performance of their other online marketing platforms. 

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Link Building


Remarketing is an effective targeting method because it allows channel creators to know the audience that already has an interest in their content. Remarketing is following potential clients with adverts in other websites, social media networks, and YouTube as well. Remarketing might sound creepy, but it can be a useful marketing tool on YouTube. Setting up a remarketing method is easy, and there isn’t much that is needed once it is configured. All you need is to track its effectiveness.

Optimize Your Ads for SEO

YouTube and Google ads take up 70% of the top videos on search results such as Google and Yahoo. So, any query or product on Google may redirect traffic to your YouTube channel. Research has found that YouTube results rank higher than traditional websites and blog posts. YouTube ranks as the world’s largest search engine, and just like people search for solutions and products on Google, the same can happen on YouTube. YouTube ads Google ads are like blog posts and articles that need tags and keyword optimization. Thus, marketers may need to follow the best YouTube SEO practices to increase chances of their YouTube ads popping up on top search results. 

Not every market is successful with Google ads, so does Google ads work for YouTube videos and align with your goals? You can ensure they do by making them descriptive and precise. You can turn to free online tools for help on finding keyword ideas. Mentioning keywords in your YouTube ads can also make it easier for the target audience to understand what your Google Adwords and YouTube channel are about. Engaging YouTube ads can also help determine where your videos rank on Google. Categorizing your ads could also help YouTube understand your target audience and the demographic to display your videos to. Adding tags to ads can provide YouTube with more context about your videos. YouTube allows marketers to use as many tags as they can think of. However, just like SEO blogs and articles, avoid stuffing your keywords. Instead, use keywords only when it is necessary and not just for the sake of including them to your ads. You can learn how to stop ads on YouTube Google Chrome before you start YouTube ads marketing. A few tools that are useful when coming up with YouTube keywords include Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and Keywordtool.io. For example:

Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

(Image Credit: Ahrefs)

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Determine the Expectations of Your Target Audience

YouTube marketers should ensure that any content they produce aligns with their audience’s expectations. It could be a video or blog post, but take time to understand what type of content your target audience craves. YouTube marketing beginners are encouraged to draw ideas from their competitors or other video creators before uploading their ads to YouTube. Check out which of their ads attract higher traffic and get most views. You will get an idea of what topics and style of videos your target audience prefer. However, YouTube Analytics can be a useful tool for a marketer who has already embedded ads to their videos. The tool provides detailed statistics, including audience engagement, location, and demographics. 

Consult the YouTube Community

YouTube is a social network that represents a thriving community, where marketers can engage users via comments, likes, and profiles. Any potential interaction with a YouTube user can result in increased views and subscriptions. Engaging YouTube subscribers with Google Adwords and YouTube videos can also help foster connection with the target audience. Leaving a personal note to a subscriber or liking their comment only takes a click. YouTube marketers should also take time to appreciate subscribers and answer their questions. Just like online marketers would comment and engage with followers on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube is no exception. 

Thumbnails Customization

Creating custom thumbnails is a simple yet effective YouTube promotion tool. A thumbnail and title can help grab the attention of viewers. YouTube allows users to snag screenshots on any of their videos and use it as a thumbnail. However, the thumbnail captured by YouTube can sometimes be a blurry shot of the channel creator adjusting a transition or the camera. But creating a thumbnail yourself can make your YouTube ad look more appealing. It can also signal a sense of professionalism. Creating a thumbnail isn’t rocket science as you can use a specific style and front to create a template. Image creation tools, including Canva, have made it easier to customize a thumbnail. Here are a few examples of attention grabbing YouTube thumbnails:

Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

(Image Credit: Zero Dollar Tips)


Marketers often make the mistake of covering overlapping content on YouTube ads. However, they can make more out of their ads by cross-promoting their videos whenever it makes sense. For example, including an ad to the description of a video can encourage viewers to click it. The recent removal of the annotation system could be a disappointment to some people, but linking an ad to description can keep viewers glued to your content. 

Run a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways and contests are a few things that YouTube users love. Hosting a giveaway or contest on YouTube can encourage engagement and draw more subscribers to your ads. YouTube channel creators can make the contest more engaging by having subscribers comment, like, and subscribe to their ads. Some of the best practices for running a contest or giveaway on YouTube include giving out giveaways related to your brand and following YouTube’s policies. YouTube channel creators can get creative by incorporating non-traditional entry requirements, including user-generated content. 

However, users should be cautious not to host frequent YouTube giveaways. After all, every YouTube channel creator wants to get the best results from their ads. Otherwise, you could be wasting resources, time, and effort on YouTube contests. Host a contest and keep track of subscriber’s engagement and drop-off rate before hosting another one. Your channel could be attracting people interested in free prizes if it can’t bring engagement among subscribers.

Target the SERPs

Google Adwords YouTube is a killer tool when it comes to SEO marketing. However, experts discourage creating YouTube ads targeted for potential subscribers and search engines. Your content should have SEO in mind as well. YouTube ads covering keyword-specific topics tend to draw more traffic to a website. Marketers strapped for content ideas and willing to capitalize on trends can consider doing it through YouTube ads marketing. 

Promote Your Series

Creating specific ads covering a recurring topic or theme can be a smart way to draw more traffic to a brand. You can make up a variety of different ads, which can include interactive or descriptive videos. YouTube series can be a win-win for subscribers and channel creators alike. However, marketers should strive to create unique YouTube ads and brainstorm for more ideas. Ensure your audience have something to look forward to and reasons to keep watching your Google AdWords YouTube.

Embed Your Ads On-Site

Other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are the best places to promote YouTube ads. Research holds that video content can help lower on-site bounce rate and improve conversion rate. So, consider embedding your ads to keep visitors glued to your blog post and product page. Also, any opportunity to funnel your other platforms’ traffic to YouTube could be a plus.

Organize Your YouTube’s Ads Playlist

The more I upload Google ads on my YouTube video, the more difficult it becomes for subscribers and viewers to navigate through my channel. That’s why creating playlists for a channel is so important. Playlists not only help organize ads but also allow marketers to group their content into categories. A well-organized channel can also appeal to viewers. Ads playlist guides marketers to content relevant to topics or themes subscribers are looking for. For instance:

(Image Credit: Wyzowl)

Be Engaging

One way to get YouTube ads spread is to ask for engagement. After all, a YouTube viewer can enjoy and not like it. An upcoming channel creator should not shy away to ask for some engagement. Asking visitors to comment or answer a question or check out another ad can encourage engagement. YouTube creators can likewise drop a link to their site or use another ad as a call-to-action.

Live Streaming

One of the recent social media trends is live video streaming. Experts expect it to gain momentum as time goes by. Apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope, have made it easier to stream live videos. Live videos continue to bring more brands on board. YouTube live ads have been around for a while, but the trend has started to pick up steam. Brands can check out how their rivals are using YouTube ds to understand how live videos can make a difference. 

A few examples of how Google ads on my YouTube video can be used include Q&A sessions, live tutorials, product demonstrations, and webinars. However, sometimes a live stream may not go as smoothly as a channel creator would wish. The risk and fun of live ads are that you may never know what will transpire. But live ads are made compelling by their organic, unpolished nature. The image below shows what a video will look like if it is live streaming:

Better Reach Your Audience with YouTube Ads

Partner with Other Brands and Channel Creators

Collaborating with other brands and creators is a tactic that has helped YouTube stars grow their following. Each partnership exposes a brand to a new audience. The exciting bit is that new viewers are likely to subscribe to a channel that associates with ads they already trust, like, and know. However, the key to successful collaboration on YouTube is identifying the right partner. Partner with content creators or brands with similar passions to your brand so that your ads come off as authentic. A prime example of a successful YouTube partnership is a collaboration between Purina and BuzzFeed. Their collaboration is thoughtful and doesn’t feel overly promotional. 

Upload Your YouTube Ads to Social Media

It is no secret publishing YouTube ads to social media can foster performance and engagement. Promoting a YouTube ad on social media can encourage followers to become subscribers. So, make a point to notify your Twitter and Instagram followers as soon ad premiers on your YouTube channel. It would also be wise to create a preview or snippets for each networking platform that links to your channel. Tools such as Sprout Social allow YouTube channels to cross-promote and schedule their ads without having to hop from one platform to the other. Other tools that can help ensure that YouTube ads go live when the target audiences are engaged is ViralPost.

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Run Paid Ad Campaigns

As marketing becomes more engaging, YouTube offers marketers an option to promote their content via ads. A variety of formats are available, including display ads and bumper ads. Display ads are only available on desktop and usually pops up on the right-hand of a video. Overlay ads are semi-transparent and show up on the bottom of a YouTube video, and like display ads, overlay ads are only available on desktop. Skippable videos are the ads that pop up before, during, and after playing a YouTube video. YouTube allows viewers to skip these ads after five seconds. Non-skippable ads are the ones that viewers must watch before they can be allowed into other videos. Bumper ads are like non-skippable campaigns, and viewers must watch them before proceeding to other videos. However, these videos cannot exceed six seconds. Sponsored ads only show up within relevant videos, and brands often use them to promote their other content or products.

You can make ads creative by using existing videos or creating new videos targeted for a specific audience. However, the advantage of using existing videos is that channel creators can choose a video that proved useful in the past. Running a paid ad can be a smart way to amplify the results of a video that has already gotten engagement and lots of views. On the flip side, using a new video for an ad can give you more control over your target audience. For example, a new video can allow you to create a specific call-to-action or direct viewers to another video or landing page.

Diib®: Optimize Your YouTube Google Ads Budget

Getting more traffic to a YouTube channel doesn’t happen by accident. It can even be more challenging for a brand operating in an overly competitive space. However, YouTube offers its users a variety of promotional tactics to keep their ads engaging and maximize their viewership. Additionally, Diib can offer key insights into the health and strength of your ads as well as the overall health of your website. Here are some of the most popular features of our User Dashboard:

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Google AdWords allows you to include video ads in YouTube search results or before, during or after videos on the Google Display Network. Uniquely, this allows you to more accurately target your chosen demographic to reach your audience better.

AdSense works hard to match ads to your site based on your content and visitors. Ads are created and paid for by the advertising companies who are promoting their brand.

YouTube ads are highly effective. In fact, people who watch the entire YouTube ad are 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a brand channel, share a video, or watch more about the specific brand. What’s more, even the ones who don’t finish the ad are 10 times more likely to do those things.

If you are looking to promote a personal brand, YouTube can be highly beneficial. But, not so helpful for corporate brands.

The average CPC for Google Ads is $1-2 on the Google Search Network and less than $1 on the Google Display Network. Small to medium sized companies can expect to spend $9000-10,000 per month on Google Ads.


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