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2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

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2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

Read time 10 min read
2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Understanding social media infographic is the first step in creating captivating content likely to get your viewers’ attention. Infographics refer to the use of information and visuals to pass a message. It entails the inclusion of graphs, drawings, and images to give a statement. Social media strategy infographic works by eradicating the boredom of long texts and encourages your audience to read through your site and visit often.

This article seeks to answer the question of what is infographics for social media, social media strategy infographic, social media marketing infographic, and specifics such as Facebook infographic examples that will enable you to strive in your marketing strategy.

Importance of infographics

There are several reasons and benefits of using infographics in social media. Below are some of the importance of infographics.

i. Expand your audience

Social media infographic enables you to expand your target audience as not everyone likes reading large texts. Using infographics is a creative way of capturing your audience’s attention, and having more people pay attention to your content. You get a chance to tap into a large audience that is visual while breaking the monotony for people who do not mind large texts. These facts ensure you have a large following and increases the number of people who visit your site.

ii. Help in building quality backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in your search engine ratings. It may not be easy to get linked to some authoritative sites; however, using infographics may enable you to capture such sites’ interest and provide an opportunity for you to gain quality links. Most sites get many requests from upcoming and established sites looking to increase their backlinks. Thus, using infographics will enable such sites to consider you and give your site more priority to strengthen your backlinks’ quality. For example:

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: Alexa Blog)

iii. Strengthen social media presence

Infographics make it easy to share information. Your audience can easily understand or share infographics enabling you to increase your social media presence. By having infographics that stir up discussions or drive traffic to your site, you can improve your traffic, establish your brand, educate your audience, and strengthen your social media presence. A strong online presence is also essential in helping you build an excellent website and enjoy organic traffic. You can add social media share buttons on your infographics to make it easy for others to share them, for instance:

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: 99Signals)

iv. Repurpose old content

A site that is continually updated ranks higher and is likely to generate more traffic. One way to ensure your site enjoys new content is by using infographics to repurpose old content. You can check through old blog posts that are more text-heavy and use infographics to pass the information enabling you to have captivating content and appealing to your audience. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook infographic examples to drive home messages previously ignored or did not receive the welcome your team had anticipated. This act enables you to get content for your site while ensuring your message is fully understood.

v. Grow your brand

A brand is as good as those who follow it and believe in it. Suing infographics is an easy way to help you build and grow your brand by sharing information people are likely to read and connect. Sharing accurate data will also see you increase your membership and audience, helping you build a trustworthy brand. The more consistent you are in creating quality visual content, the more likely you will be among the top experts in the field helping you build your brand.

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The best 2021 social media marketing infographic ideas

Have a well thought out strategy

Like any other project, the most crucial thing when formulating a social media marketing infographic is a well thought out strategy as social media marketing is a long-term thing. You need to be fully prepared for what’s ahead and think before starting off to ensure you have everything you require before inception. When thinking about strategy, some of the things to consider include;

  • What is your target audience?
  • What do you aim to achieve?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What content is likely to appeal to your audience
  • What type of infographics do you understand better?
  • Which social media handles are you more aware of and can manage easily?
  • What is your overall goal?

Having all these basics covered is essential to ensure you know where you are coming from and what you want your social media infographics to achieve. A laid-out strategy also enables you to carry out self-audits and ensure you stay on track. By having a well-formulated plan, you can keep your team in check and align your goals and input to ensure you achieve your desired output.

It also makes it easy for the team by providing a clear path they need to follow to realize their marketing goals. A strategy is thus essential to help you determine which options work for you and enable you to assess your progress, providing a clear picture of the result achieved. Just like building the strategy works as the project’s blueprint, making it easy for you to know how much materials you need for the project.

Create captivating content

One of the critical tips to help you stand out in 2021 is having well thought out content. Ensure your content is regularly updated and has a theme to avoid jumbling up content. Your content should contain both text and images in a well-balanced manner. By carefully using infographics, you allow your audience to digest your content and compress them easily to understand the format.

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Have specific content

The use of infographics can quickly lose meaning. Thus, it is essential to divide your content and have specific themes to cover a topic exhaustively. For example, covering different social media themes allows you to have a well thought out infographic than a significant issue such as themes. Narrowing down your content will also help you connect with your audience and ensure you regularly update your sites, helping you grow the site.

Have the right color scheme

Color scheme plays a crucial role when creating social infographics such as Facebook infographic examples. It is essential to choose a color scheme that is easy on the eye and has close ties with your organization’s theme colors. Working with secondary or complementary colors to your organization eliminates monotony and provides you with a wide variety of colors you can select. For example:

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: Freepik)

Colors play a vital role in social media analytics infographic. Having attractive colors that captivate the eye, you get to help your viewers understand information and break it down into piece meals allowing you to share extensive details to follow steps. The right color scheme also entails staying true to your theme colors, providing a coherent use of color, and helping you solidify your brand.

Use unique but easy to read font

Proper usage of a font is a make or break while using infographics. Font plays a significant role in whether people find your infographics attractive, busy, or easy to understand. Thus, it is essential to pay attention when choosing a font for your infographics to pass your message while staying loyal to your brand. You can start by analyzing whether your brand is funky or sleek, and professional. This information informs the font you use to ensure you keep building your brand while passing information.

When using different fonts, ensure you do not use more than two in the same infographic and easily read and understand the site. This action ensures you do not have infographics that are complex or hard to read. It also ensures the infographic is not so busy, allowing your audience to focus on the image’s information. Here is a good example of a easy to read yet unique font used for infographics;

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: Template.net)

Cite sources used

Citation is essential to enable you to gain credibility. By citing authorities, you add credibility to your infographics, making them more reliable and increasing your audience’s chances of using them or sharing the information. You can also use different citation methods to ensure your content is well-cited but in a way that fully integrates it into the infographics. Research also shows that people are likely to share or trust infographics cited from reviewed journals or respected channels, making them more trustworthy and increasing the traffic as more people click on your infographics for more information.

Properly use white spaces

The use of white spaces is one trend you must use in 2021 when handling social media infographics. Proper use of white spaces ties up your infographic and enables it to look presentable and easy to understand. White spaces refer to the blank spaces found in an infographic. Leaving some unused space allows you to space your work and avoid making it look jumbled.

Proper usage of white spaces also ensures your work gives your audience a breathing space allowing them to coherently follow through with what you say without getting distracted or confused. Proper use of white space will also enable your brand to stand out as most people are attracted to what they see. Thus, they are twice as much more willing to click on an attractive site than one that looks crowded and jumbled up.

Brand your infographics

One great idea you should probably carry into 2021 is the branding of your infographics. While infographics pass a message to your audience, branding infographics enables you to increase your visibility and help gain more backlinks or expand your network. You can use your infographics to advertise your brand and help market it by ensuring visibility and gaining links in other sites that choose to use your infographics. For example:

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: DMA Solutions)

Carry out proper research

To get the most from your infographics, having valuable background information is vital for your success. Carrying out your research entails being keen to follow what people are talking about or researching. By doing so, you ensure you are creating infographics that talk about pressing issues or matters that are currently getting discussed. This act provides an opportunity to utilize what is now trending, what is infographics for social media, and what your audience is requesting.

The research will also entail what most people are searching for at the moment. You can use Google analytics to formulate a good social media analytics infographic that enables you to understand your target audience and whether your site provides them with relevant information. With such knowledge, it is easy to formulate content that gets viewership and impacts your space.

You should also focus on places where your brand is being mentioned or acknowledged and share your infographics with such brands to enable you to milk from every opportunity you enjoy. By finding out people who use your brand or those that acknowledge it, you can partner with people who already know your brand enabling you to increase your audience. Remember, the goal in 2021 is to have more people use and click on your infographics. It would help if you created infographics that assure you of results, and the first thing is ensuring your research is thorough and specific to your niche.

Balance information and the use of graphics

Building an excellent infographic is essential for the performance of an infographic, especially on social media. It is necessary to properly balance out the use of texts and graphics to enable you to pass information without the overuse of either. Excessive use of text makes your infographics too crowded, and they are likely to score poorly on Instagram or Facebook ad performance.

Also, too much graphics use makes the information too complicated, making you lose your audience and hindering information passage. Thus, finding a balance is extremely vital to ensure you have infographics that pass the information needed

while still ranking high on performance.

Have a flow that makes sense

A flow is a chronological order that an infographic follows when passing information. It is important as it enables you to keep an ordered flow of information and help your audience follow through with your content. A proper flow is a crucial factor in helping you retain your audience in 2021. A flow also makes it easy for one to flow through your infographics and understand the message.

Whether you are using the top to down method or left to right, having something someone’s eyes can follow is essential to allow them to get the message correctly. You can also enlist visual flows such as arrows to drop-down boxes, circles, triangles, or lines to visually direct your audience to the next infographic, enabling you to pass the information correctly. The use of visual flow elements adds fun and uniqueness to your content providing a professional but easy general view.

Ensure you utilize accurate data

Infographics are essential for the passage of data and information. In a world where there is so much information online, ensure you double-check and ascertain your figures before creating an infographic. It is very easy to cite wrong or inaccurate information that is likely to make your statement incorrect. It is also essential to get information from reliable sources to avoid creating data with faulty statics.

Most people online are keen on details and may quickly lose confidence in your site if they come across infographics with inaccurate data. As the years pass by, people are keener on accurate information than the general overview of graphics. Thus, it is essential to focus on getting the basics right to ensure you do not lose the audience.

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Use photography

The use of photography as part of infographics is continually gaining popularity. Photography provides a personal touch to the data and enables it to come alive, capturing your audience’s attention. The use of photography will also allow you to stand out, allowing you to capture and retain your audience’s attention. Instead of focusing on graphic design, photography makes you stand out, adding a personal touch to your infographic. Research also shows that infographics that utilize photography are more likely to engage more with their audience and get higher engagements than those that use the traditional ways of creating infographics. For instance:

2021 Social Media Marketing Infographic Ideas

(Image Credit: vWriter)

Choose the best data visualization type

You can use many different types of visualization to create an infographic. They range from graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs, among others. Determining the best visualization is essential to enable you to assess the data and present it correctly. Different visualization may also work well for one type of data and not do justice to another; thus, determining which one works well is essential to choose the correct visualization that will properly pass the information. You can get creative and uniquely use your graphs to capture your audience’s attention and enable them to want to read more on the infographic. Instead of just having regular graphs utilize captivating fonts and warm colors to make the information inviting.

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This is a visual representation of information and data, specifically using charts, diagrams and/or icons. It helps make complicated information easy to understand and digest.

There are so many tips we could give you to create the ideal infographic. Here are the top tips:

  • Use visuals to help break down more complicated subjects.
  • Give quick snapshots as a way to tease out longform content.
  • Use evergreen content.
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • One size doesn’t fit all; don’t try to use one infographic across all platforms.

Yes, you can. When you are in the FAcebook Creator Studio to create a new post, you can add a single image by clicking “share a photo” or you can click into “multimedia” for more options.

You want your infographic to tell a good story, be well designed, visually appealing and easy to understand.

Yes, once you’ve created an infographic, you can post in on any of your social media platforms. However, you may want to consider using different infographics on each platform.


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