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Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

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Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

Read time 17 min read
Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Digital Marketing for Home Builders

What is digital marketing? Fundamentally, it’s about reaching out to new prospects over the Internet. There is a fundamental difference between digital and traditional marketing. Digital marketing completely lacks human to human interaction. Thus, you must make several adaptations to be effective. Ultimately, effective marketing gains people’s trust and attention.

Why Digital Marketing for Home Builders Is Crucial:

  • Expanding Your Business Is Easier Online in the Contemporary Economy
  • The More Attention You Get on Your Property, The Higher the Final Sell Price 
  • It Is More Important to Get Views Than Close Deals 

Guide to Social Media Marketing for New Home Builders

Marketing on the Internet can be a daunting task. It is particularly overwhelming when you are a beginner. Nevertheless, continue to press forward. Everyone who is a successful marketing expert was once also a beginner.

Core Concepts Included in This Article:

  • Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing for New Home Builders
  • Social Media Ideas for Home Builders
  • How to Judge Social Media Ideas for Home Builders
  • The Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Home Builders
  • We Finish With a Few Construction Company Facebook Post Ideas

What Is Home Builder Marketing?

Builder marketing helps you to bring in new customers. Suppose you recently listed some homes. These techniques ensure that you have plenty of willing customers waiting in line.

Getting Eyes on Your Property Portfolio:

The better your strategy is, the more people will see your properties. If you have any experience, you know that is phenomenal. 

Different Avenues Yield Different Results:

Not all strategies will produce the same results. Sometimes, you may fall flat. Nonetheless, an effective marketing strategy will seriously boost your profits.

Effectiveness Varies Between Markets:

You might have one strategy that works superbly well in your local area. Then, you move. In the new area, nothing works the same. Occasionally, things are going to be that way. Adapt your strategy and move on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adaptations are essential for any organism. You must do the same.
  • The better your strategy, the higher your profits.

This Year’s Best Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

What makes an effective strategy? Well, it varies depending on who you ask. In our opinion, it is measured by the number of people who engage with your content. Suppose you want to get the best results. Then, you need to get people engaged.

Reaching Out to Satisfied Clients for Referrals:

Keep a list of all of your old clients, At least the happy ones. Then, periodically reach out to them. Send them something they can share that would drive traffic to your website. For example:

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

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(Image Credit: Inman)

Creating a Portfolio With Geo-Tagged Work:

This works best when you get the permission of former clients. However, if possible, create a geo-tagged portfolio of your work. When your former clients share your portfolio, it adds legitimacy to your operation.

Hosting a Live E-Event and Giveaway:

Live events are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. People can congregate and socialize virtually. Hold a demonstration of some of your recent projects. You’d be surprised at how effective socializing can be at opening people up.

Key Factors Affecting Success of a Marketing Strategy:

  •  Building Urgency is Vital for Closing Deals 
  •  Engagement Determines the Likelihood of a Prospect Meeting Face to Face. 

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Link Building

Building Your Portfolio of Excellence 

Every time you finish a project, you need to take some records of it. As long as you do quality work, it will continue to pay off. Your track record is equivalent to your portfolio. You should display all your prior projects with pride.

Quality Imagery Matters:

Now, high-quality craftsmanship doesn’t mean you automatically get a high-quality portfolio. Those require pleasant photography. If you are not the best with the camera, hire a professional. The results will be worth the cost. Here is an example of a high quality social media photo:

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

(Image Credit: Allura USA)

Make Things Relatable:

Suppose you were one of your customers. What do you relate to? Trying and always keep that in mind when you are creating any material that they will see. The more relatable things are, the easier it is for them to sympathize with you.

Get Your Clients to Spread Them:

Finally, make everything you send to prospects easily shareable. People tend to trust their friends and family more than they do businesses. By having their friends share, you can lower their barrier of preoccupation. Consequently, they will be more receptive to your marketing materials.

Major Points:

  •  Your Track Record is Everything. If it is Good, Show it Off. 
  •  People Trust Their Friends and Family More Than You. Have Them Tell Your Story for You.

Honest Feedback is the Hallmark of an Outstanding Builder 

Remember, the words of your former clients are worth 10 times as much as yours. This is particularly true when it comes to the quality of your work. You could be telling the truth about producing phenomenal results. Nevertheless, a few loud and unsatisfied customers could derail everything. On the other hand, you can also harness the tremendous power of word-of-mouth to your benefit.

When Your Customer Is Satisfied, Make Them Post For You:

Typically, it is pretty evident when customers are satisfied. Next time you finish a project and notice your customers are satisfied, ask them to make a post on social media. That way, the posts from that project are not coming from you. Instead, they are coming from the client themselves. For instance:

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

(Image Credit: Sprout Social)

Offer Something in Return for Reviews:

Suppose you ask the client to make a post. They are not against it but still hesitate. Try to sweeten the deal a little bit. Offer them something as an incentive. It could be a discount on their final bill. You could also offer them referral bonuses. Feel free to get creative with what you offer.

Only Remind Happy Customers About Leaving a Review:

It should go without saying. Never remind unsatisfied customers about leaving a review. For one, they are more likely to leave reviews in the first place. So, they don’t need to be reminded. Additionally, when they do leave reviews, they are not the kind that you want.

The Bottom Line:

  •  The Lifeblood of Your Business is the Feedback of Your Clientele. 
  •  Asking Nicely Can Be the Difference Between a Great Review and No Review. 

Direct Posts Are Never as Effective as When Things Go Viral 

Generally, there are two kinds of posts on social media. There are the ones that you make yourself. Then, there are the ones made by other people. Do you trust posts promoting companies when they are made by the company? We did not think so. Now, do you trust when a friend shares a post involving a company? That is a little more like it.

The Difference Between You and a Neighbor:

You are a stranger to every prospect you meet. There is nothing that you can do to change that. What you can do is work around it. Instead of talking to your prospects directly, talk to them through their neighbors. When you finish projects, spread the word in the local area. That way, you can continue to build a reputation in the community.

How to Get the Neighbor to Post:

The best time to ask neighbors to make posts for you is before you leave their home. Once you leave, the chances they complied drop drastically. As you are wrapping up, ask them as if it is no big deal. Typically, they will do it without hesitation.

The Essentials:

  •  Trust is Essential for Marketing to Be Effective 
  •  You Can Use The Trust Between Friends by Proxy With Viral Marketing

Meeting Face-to-Face Can Increase Acquisition and Turnover

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal should be to get more customers in face-to-face meetings. As long as you are trying to sell more properties, you need to speak in person. People don’t like to make huge decisions over the Internet. When you are signing a mortgage, you want to shake the other person’s hand. This is particularly true when it is for valuable property.

The Value of Human Interaction:

When people communicate with each other, the majority of communication is nonverbal. Some scientists estimate as much as 85% of our communication doesn’t involve speaking. Most people don’t even realize it. Nevertheless, ask yourself this. Do you feel more comfortable doing business with a human or a computer?

Using Social Media as a Transition Tool:

Social media should not be thought of as a platform to conduct business. Closing deals directly on a social media platform will be a rarity. Instead, look at it as a source of traffic. You can reach out to people. Then, draw them in so you can talk to them in person. For example:

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

(Image Credit: SmartTouch Interactive)

Making the Deal Official:

Wait until you’ve gotten to speak with your prospects. After your first meeting, make plans for a follow-up. Do not make anything official until that second meeting. Otherwise, you have a serious risk of them falling through.

Fundamental Precepts:

  •  People Value Interacting With Another Person
  •  Getting Them in the Door is More Than Half the Battle

Know the Character Traits of Your Target Demographics 

Effective marketing often comes down to knowing who you are trying to target. Go over the last few deals you made. Do you notice any specific trends regarding the types of clients you work with? If so, that is what you should begin to focus on.

Who Do You Want to See Your Posts?

Most property builders do not build a variety of property types. Specialists are the norm. As such, you might have a specialist client base. When you sell multimillion-dollar properties, it doesn’t make sense to target minimum wage earners. Accordingly, It would be best to learn who your best demographic is. You can learn more about your audience by using Facebook’s page insights, for example:

What Do They Think About When They Go Online?

After you identify your target demographics, you need to understand them. We suggest asking them. Each time you successfully close a deal, ask them what tipped the scales? We have found customers almost always tell you why they decided to make the decision.

Dynamic Listings on Your Home Page With the Ability to Share

The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool. However, it is only as powerful as the person using it. In this regard, you should keep your listings up-to-date. In fact, a dynamic homepage would be your best route. The dynamic homepage automatically updates listings when they come to your server. That way, anyone visiting your page knows exactly what you have available.

The Importance of Up-to-Date Information:

Up-to-date information works both ways. Suppose you were a client. You see a property that catches your interest. You call to ask about it, only to find out it’s not available. You would not be very happy. On the other hand, if your listings are not up-to-date, you might miss the property that was available.

Why Sharing is Crucial:

Create listings that are shareable. That way, when your customers see things that catch their fancy, they share it with their friends. Ultimately, that increases the number of eyeballs seeing your listings. Thus, you can expect more offers.

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

Maintain Multiple Active Social Media Accounts on Separate Platforms 

Despite there being a few titans, you should maintain multiple social media accounts. The more accounts that you are on, the greater the audience you are exposed to. As we stated previously, larger audiences are better.

More Platforms = More Opportunities:

When you post on a single platform, only the people there can see your activity. Try to spread your activity across multiple platforms. That way, you gain access to an even greater audience. Eventually, people will be sharing your stuff all over the Internet.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Exercise Creativity

Getting people involved can substantially boost your success. People may passively consume some marketing material. Yet, if you can create an engaging campaign, it might blossom into something beautiful.

People Love to Be Involved With Anything:

The most engaging campaigns are the ones that involve the audience members themselves. If you can come up with a way to incorporate your audience into your marketing material, you might just go viral. Once you start something like this, it can spread rapidly.

Construction Company Facebook Post Ideas

Finally, we have put together a few ideas of posts that you can make yourself. Each of these is just a general concept. You will need to customize them so that it is applicable to you and your company.

Open House Give Away:

Create a post on social media about the next open house you have. Get some raffle tickets and some prizes together. Then, advertise a raffle giveaway. People will show up for the prizes. Nevertheless, they will stay to check out the property. You can even try this out using a virtual open house, for example:

Social Media Marketing Ideas for New Home Builders

Recently Posted Listings:

Posting new listings can create a sense of urgency on your social media. It shows that activity is happening. People will think that other homes must be selling if new ones are being posted.

Recently Closed Listings:

Create some posts every time that you close a listing. These types of posts help to create social proof. Other people will see that your homes are selling. Then, they will want one themselves.

Becoming a Master of Builder Marketing

Mastering anything comes down to the amount of time you put into it. As your experience level increases, so does your expertise. Do not get discouraged by some initial setbacks. Most successful marketing professionals were once beginners themselves. Once you begin to see the potential of marketing your business online, it’s hard to turn back. Ultimately, you get to choose your own level of success. If you want to chase after even more growth, it is totally up to you.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Marketing Comes Down to Getting People to Pay Attention 
  •  Make it Worth Their Time and They Will Give it to You

Diib®: Social Media Metrics for New Home Builders

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First off, switch from a personal account to a business one. Use high quality images of beautiful homes. Hashtags are a powerful tool in social media, be sure to capitalize on that power. Explain all images with captions.

First off, decide which social media platforms you want to use. Optimize the profiles for best practices. Connect your website to your social media pages. Add social media buttons on all webpages.

There is always going to be something new to learn in social media marketing. That being said, it can take up to 6 months to feel comfortable with social media.

Instagram and Pinterest may seem like obvious places to hit, but Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are also great channels for sharing visual media.

First off, knowing your audience is the most important part of marketing your home building business. Start good conversations with the right people. Social media can be an amazing resource for marketing your new business.


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