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Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

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Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

Read time 14 min read
Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

What can help in making medical practice successful for a doctor? Well, proper communication is the key point that is a must to establish when it comes to such professions. When a doctor wants to win the trust of his patients, all he has to do is to interact well with them and solve their queries. But, the question remains about how is it possible?

Think of something via which you can reach thousands of people? Did social media hit your brain instantly? If yes, then you are absolutely right. Social media brings the opportunity for medical practitioners to interact with numerous people and boost up their marketing. The main aim of doctors’ use of social media is basically to engage the audience in their services and help them get the answers to their questions.

However, you cannot deny the fact that social media handles need proper time and effort to remain established and maintained. How will that be possible for a busy professional like a doctor? Well, as they say, nothing is impossible. So, if you want to know how to use social media for doctors, you are at the right spot.

Here are all the details about the trending strategies that will make your medical social media account the ideal one. So, get started with the appropriate strategy, promote your services, and gain a big of yourselves.

How do Doctors Use Social Media?

Basically, doctors or physician social media use platforms to interact with people. All of them may not be patients, but they would certainly be having numerous questions to be answered. An interactive platform like social media helps in building an engagement between the patients and the physicians. Such platforms also play a key role in building the trust of the people to get certain quality-oriented services.

Why Do Doctors Need Social Media?

Wouldn’t you like to get all the information while remaining in the comfort of your sofa? Everyone wants to relax these days. And what can be a better source other than social media for the latest news and updates? With physician social media handles or accounts, it will become easier for people to fetch information, get an appointment booked online, be guided, etc.

Other than this, social media for doctors can also be quite helpful whenever they want to share their experiences and insights about a specific topic or disease with the rest of the public. So, medical social media accounts are a huge source for spreading awareness. Several doctors use such platforms and post stuff in a generic way so that the message can be reached to a wider audience.

There is an infinite number of advantages that social media platforms and their content holds. However, the highlighted one out of this set is the fact that it promotes engagement. Due to high-end marketing, it is more likely for people to reach out and avail the offerings of the best doctors on social media.

How Can Physician’s Social Media Accounts Thrive?

If you want to make your social media account a successful one, there are certain strategies that you need to follow. The secret lies in the type and timing of your content. If you choose to put the right quality content at the appropriate time, you’ll nail the whole concept. Here are some tips and tricks that can turn you into the best doctors on social media. So, let’s dig right into it.

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Personal Account Setup 

The first thing that you need to do to use social media is to set up a personal account. The account will make you able to connect to the people on a specific platform. While there are numerous platforms out there, every other varies in the targeted audience and syntax as well. You can choose to go with one handle, or you can make as many as you want on any platform.

These social media platforms will help you grow tremendously:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin


Currently, Instagram is one of those platforms that are amongst the highest in generating revenues. A huge population is active there. With this primary benefit, you can connect to several people.

Other than this, the platform allows you to upload interactive stories to get your audience in touch with you. For example:

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors


Facebook has been in the business for a long time. The platform allows you to make official pages that people and follow and get updates. This interactive platform is yet another which has seen immense growth in the past times. You can also join various groups and provide you informative services there. For instance:

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If you want to talk about a certain issue or raise awareness, Twitter is just the right platform for you. The use of hashtags will make your topic trend in a certain region. Due to this amazing feature, the information can reach unexpected masses. Plus, Twitter is also famous for the debates that take place there. You can participate in them and share your opinion. The image below shows examples of hashtags:

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors


Do you know which online network works as the mainstream one for professionals? Linkedin is the right answer to this question. You can gain immense recognition by handling this platform’s account and providing information about your service over there. Making a profile on this platform will enable you to highlight many domains of your career successfully. Here is an example of a medical professional linkedin profile:

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

(Image Credit: Klaxos)

By approaching this specific platform, you can connect to thousands of professionals that are linked to the same career. But, do not compromise on the quality of content. Linkedin is famous for gathering content that is of professional nature. You can also share links that will make people visit your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter handles as well.

Visuals Always Attract

Don’t you always get attracted by the colors and graphics? Well, it is obvious that text does not capture the attention of the eyes, as well as graphics or visuals do. Make posts that support these things. You can also hire professional graphic designers, as they can make the content as per its nature. They can also incorporate text in stylish ways, and yet the content will remain free from plagiarism.

Putting in animations will also be a good idea for you. In this way, the content will gather even more attention and will reach out to more people. Another benefit of such content is that it will make things easier for people to understand.

As per the facts, if you put out tweets having visuals in them, these will gather 18 percent more attention than the rest. As per the information on , such tweets can be retweeted 150% more time as compared to other ones. Plus, these are likely to be 89% more favorite.

Make Informative Posts 

What purpose will your profile serve if there is no information on there? So, if you want to boost up your engagement, try posting stuff that is quality-oriented, authentic, and informative as well. Try and think about things which people may not find easily elsewhere. This will attract numerous people to your posts, and for awareness purposes, these posts will also show a higher rate of being shared.

Another step that you must take is to post informative content on specific days or timings. For instance, October is a designated month for creating awareness regarding breast cancer. At such a crucial time, when a certain health concern is amongst the highlights, people tend to seek information on it. You should have appropriate and sufficient content for such vital times. This will make your profile more up to date and active.

Boost Up Your Followers 

Boosting up your followers will start an on-going chain of growth. Why restrict yourself to a limited audience when you can reach the whole internet? Follow different accounts with greater following numbers, reach out to them, and promote your profile. You can also do collaborations with influencers or social media sensations to reach out to their following. Another way through which you can boost your number of followers is to take part in paid promotions. Different handles welcome paid promotions to promote your profile. In this way, you can have huge growth in less time.

Raise Engagement Levels 

Can you just make a social media profile, and that’s the end of the marketing? Not at all, you will have to maintain your activities on it. Why so? Well, all of this will enhance the engagement between you and the followers as well. This will undoubtedly benefit you and your business as well.

The key point that will enable you to boost the engagement is providing content that is relatable. In this way, you can establish a bond or connection with all of your followers. But, how can you or your content relate to all thousands of them at a time? No worries, there are certain ways that will enable you to do so as well. These are:

  • Welcome Suggestions
  • Conduct Live Sessions
  • Conduct Q&A Sessions
  • Give Shout-outs
  • Conduct Giveaways
  • Be Active

Welcome Suggestions

You can conduct voting polls every now and then to get an idea about the inclination that your followers have in between two or more topics. The rules are simple and democratic, the majority wins, and the topic which gets the most percentage of votes will be discussed in the up-coming post. You can also open your messages, or DMs, for your followers to send-in suggestions about the topic they want you to talk about.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Conduct Live Sessions 

You can conduct live sessions on different social media platforms. Instagram is the most famous when it comes to living sessions. With such an interactive feature, you can directly connect with the ones who are following you. In such sessions, they can ask you different questions. You can even select a certain topic for discussion. Moreover, this helps in building trust as well. In this way, people will get to know the person behind the profile. Hence, the reliability factor will undoubtedly enhance in this way. For example:

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

Conduct Q&A Sessions 

Another strategy that you can use for raising up the engagement levels is through conducting sessions dedicated to questions and answers. You can also make these happen in live sessions. But, other platforms, such as Twitter, will also support such activity in tweets. All you have to do is give an open invitation to your followers to bring in all the questions that they wanted to ask. You can individually reply to all such questions in your stories or messages.

But, if this sounds a little exhausting, you can also compile a list of all the questions and make a video for answering them all. As this video will remain on your profile, new followers will also get able to know about the shared information.

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

(Image Credit: Xeeders)

Give Shout-outs

If you want your profile to be quite interactive, you can arrange certain activities. These can include different competitions, sharing of information, etc. As a prize, you can give a shout out to the winner’s profile. However, this will only be helpful once your account gets established with thousands of followers. If not yet, you can dry the below-mentioned one.

Conduct Giveaways 

You can also conduct certain giveaways. This activity will massively improve your following and increase the levels of engagement as well. People will interestingly take part in debates, competitions, etc., and your profile will get the needed attention. For instance:

Trending Social Media Strategies for Doctors

(Image Credit: My Social Practice)

Be Active

Being active on your account on social media is one of the most important things that you have to do. If you are not active enough, the followers will lose interest upon not getting timely responses. This will lower the publicity of your profile. Hence, if you are willing to reach the most people, being active is the key.

Follow Your Colleagues 

Do not hesitate to follow the same people as your profession. Why so? Do not take them as rivals. Instead, they can prove to be quite beneficial for you. This is because you can keep an eye on what they are up to and how they are engaging the audience. You can never put the same content, but who says that you cannot adopt the same strategies? So, follow your colleagues and get your marketing level to another height.

Credibility Always Wins Over 

No one can deny the fact that social media is full of fake content. This is because there is no strict check and balance upon that medium. But, is the authenticity that invaluable? Not at all; the only thing that will build a trustworthy impression on your followers is your credibility. Never compromise the quality of content that you are putting out there for the public. As a doctor, you would probably be aware of the sensitivity associated with health problems. So, make it a habit to proof-read everything before posting.

Be A Debater

Twitter is a place where people are often debating about certain topics. To bring more traffic and to educate more people with authentic knowledge, the right thing to do is to take part in those debates. Do remember to participate in discussions about the topics in which you are confident. Beware from misleading posts and build trust efficiently.

Join Groups 

Upon social media platforms, multiple groups regarding a certain profession are present. You can join these groups to engage more people with your knowledge. This will also help in bringing numerous people to visit your profile. In this way, you can increase the clientele and earn deserved recognition as well.

How Many Physicians Use Social Media?

The modern age has brought social media into the spotlight. Every other person needs social media handles to thrive, and it also holds a special place when it comes to marketing. As for doctors, the doctors use of social media has become vital in this domain as well. In this way, patients can interact with physicians with much ease and comfort. Plus, this also helps people in gaining information with confidentiality.

However, not many doctors or physicians are actively taking part in social media. But, the number of users on social media is undoubtedly increasing day by day, as it has become the need for three hour. When it comes to how many physicians use social media, the current times suggest about 24% of doctors are engaged in social media activities for marketing.

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