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Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

Test your site’s SEO and performance in 60 seconds! Good website design is critical to visitor engagement and conversions, but a slow website or performance errors can make even the best designed website underperform. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. As seen in Entrepreneur!


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Ensures speed, security, + Core Vitals tracking

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

Read time 17 min read
Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

Test your site’s SEO and performance in 60 seconds! Good website design is critical to visitor engagement and conversions, but a slow website or performance errors can make even the best designed website underperform. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. As seen in Entrepreneur!


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


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Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Site Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

Website load speed refers to the amount of time a website takes to show its information. The speed is classified as fast or slow, depending on how many seconds it takes to load information, and can positively or negatively affect your web page.

This load speed can be determined by a web speed test that measures how long it takes for a website to load its contents and its effects on the traffic and conversion rate of the website. Carrying out a test my site exercise provides valuable information on how a site ranks. Some of the reasons why a website load speed should be taken seriously include;

Disadvantages of Website Load Speed

  1. Discourages visitors

Slow load speed discourages visitors. In today’s era, people are more impatient and want things immediately. Thus, having slow websites means you lose out on potential sales from clients too impatient to wait for slow web pages. This leads to a lack of interest and blockage of sharing valuable information that may help put your brand out there.

  1. Reduces the number of sales made

You cannot increase conversions rates if visitors do not have a chance to view products or make a purchase. When visitors leave a page due to slow load speed, they lack a chance to read your content; thus, no sales are made. Those who manage to make a sale are frustrated by the load page, discouraging them from making more sales, negatively affecting your business. Thus ensure you carry out frequent test my site to ensure excellent optimization

iii. Makes your site rank poorly

Website pages that are slow rank badly on a Google speed test, making their SEO rankings low and reducing the number of people that visit or interact with the site. Websites with poor SEO rankings have less traffic, directly affecting their sales and command in a field.

The above are among the reasons that make website optimization one of the most important website sectors. Why have a website that does not match the competition around it, yet you have an opportunity to optimize your website to ensure it does not only compete fairly with others but provide steady organic traffic that drives sales and improves conversions?

Thus, this article provides a list of optimization tools that give you a leveled playing field and ensures your website is well equipped to ensure excellent load speed and optimization to stand out among its competitors. Some of these optimization tools are free and enable you to carry out a free website speed test that shows you exactly how your site performs, while others require some subscriptions to help in website speed optimization.

One Second Facts:

  • 1 second delay reduces page views by 11%.
  • 1 second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.
  • 1 second delay eats away 7% of the coveted conversion rate.

(Hosting Tribunal)


GTmetrix is one of the best free online applications that provides a wide range of services that aid in website optimization. Its tools allow a detailed insight on page performance, enabling you to pinpoint which pages are doing better and provide an opportunity for your team to improve specific isolated pages on your website that may be dragging you behind. From the detailed data provided, one can analyze performance scores represented by letters A-F that shows you the page speed and Yslow, which provides a detailed report on why your website is slow. Some of the issues that make websites slow include:

  • Type of image format used
  • Lack of CDN services
  • JavaScript and jQuery issues
  • A large number of ads
  • Excess HTTP requests
  • Jumbled up codes
  • Large-sized unoptimized images

The free version ranks your website against the internet, enabling you to know where you stand and provide a specific page speed context. It helps strategize a way forward and improve your optimization scores. The version also has an amazing interface that is easy to use and requires you to copy your URL and click analysis to get information on your website. The paid version provides more monitoring options, allowing you to monitor and carry out the Google site speed test that helps you know how heavy a website is and what to work on for further optimization. Thus, it is a great free tool that provides guidance used by web users and developers to accurately treat their sites and tweak their content for excellent optimization.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Cleverism)


Pingdom is an excellent optimization tool that provides various services that enable you to analyze your website’s progress carefully. It provides accurate, up-to-date information and ensures you are the first to know if a page is missing or broken. This action helps you keep tabs on your website and puts you in the know.

Another unique feature of Pingdom speed test is its ability to provide feedback from a user endpoint. You get a chance to analyze user experience from different devices, geographical locations, and browsers, ensuring your solutions are tailor-made to suit their needs and increase conversion rates.

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This information provides a working front that assures you of positive results, ensuring you are not stuck at any particular point. It also ensures you do not spend money coming up with solutions and digital campaigns that do not reach your intended audience.

Pingdom also provides an excellent platform for web hosting providers giving them a chance to meet some client needs and monitor client’s sites for loopholes and weaknesses that require proper optimization. Thus, they can properly advise and formulate reports on various websites and requirements needed to improve a site and requirements needed to help the site pass a

Pingdom speed test. However, it would help if you remembered that Pingdom is not free, but offers a 14-day trial that helps you understand the optimization tool before signing up, ensuring you are paying for a tool you understand and know how to use.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Pingdom)

Test your site’s SEO and performance in 60 seconds!

Good website design is critical to visitor engagement and conversions, but a slow website or performance errors can make even the best designed website underperform. Diib is one of the best website performance and SEO monitoring tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. As seen in Entrepreneur!

  • Easy-to-use automated SEO tool
  • Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas
  • Ensures speed, security, + Core Vitals tracking
  • Intelligently suggests ideas to improve SEO
  • Over 500,000 global members
  • Built-in benchmarking and competitor analysis

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Used by over 500k companies and organizations:

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Syncs with Google Analytics

Link Building

Site 24*7

Site 24*7 is considered an alternative to Pingdom. It offers a free version and other paid versions that provide various optimization services such as servers, websites, and application monitoring, providing valuable real-time information used by website developers and administrators to ensure excellent optimization. The free version offers limited server monitoring, but provides information that is still useful to a small or upcoming business.

The paid versions offer intensive and accurate real-time information that enables you to see loopholes and promptly fix them optimizing your website and driving more traffic to the website. For large businesses or companies that seek to drive more traffic, using 24*7 offers a unique solid plan that offers a successful path ensuring your website is fast and accessible to a wide number of people.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Comparitech)

Website speed test image analysis tool

The role of images in a website is continually gaining popularity as people get attracted to what they see and have limited time to analyze and read through writings properly. Thus, it is essential to have sharp, high-resolution images that accurately pass your website information and capture visitors’ attention. However, these high-resolution images are likely to be heavy and take up more storage space affecting your web speed test results.

The free website speed test image analysis tool plays a major role in correcting this and compresses your images to ensure you still offer excellent quality that is not too bulky to slow down your website. The tool also provides accurate data on every image on the different pages allowing you to assess its impact properly and strategically place images on your heat zones to pass messages and increase conversions.

It also ensures you know how much data is needed to load your website’s images, making it one of the unique tools that provide a clear focus on website images. An image analysis tool thus helps you analyze and measure an image’s role on the website, helping you maximize the role of images on a website and how to use them to pass your message.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Smashing Magazine)

Google search console

Google search console , previously known as the Google webmaster tool, is a free online service issued by Google to all its users to enable web developers, users, and administrators to keep watch of the website’s tabs on activities and traffic. Google console provides accurate, up-to-date details that enable a proper analysis of website optimization and help developers understand user behavior.

Website administrators can use Google console to know how many webpages your website appeared on but were not selected or did not capture visitors’ attention, helping you phrase your questions, keywords, and landing words to increase organic traffic to the website. Also, it helps you understand where your traffic is coming from and how long they leave the site. This information is vital to ensure you do not just focus on optimization, but ensuring your optimized website has accurate and detailed information. The tool is also easy to use and does not need any subscription or sign up to run an analysis.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Google Webmaster Blog)

SEO site checkup

SEO site checkup focuses on the overview of a website and how it performs in terms of Google speed test rankings and website speed optimization. The tool provides reliable and easy-to-implement solutions to loopholes on the website, enabling you to have an excellent optimized website that is fast.

SEO site checkup enables you to focus on a user’s perspective to understand their problems with the page, like how long it takes them to load your website or images from different locations or how long it takes them to access the website on different devices. It also focuses on SEO algorithms and how easy or difficult it is for the internet to understand your website code and fully interpret the information.

This wholesome analysis ensures your web solution addresses speed and user interaction, enabling you to have a fast website with good traffic. Thus, this tool provides accurate data to decide further which areas require more attention and money to optimize your site further.

(Image Credit: Seositecheckup)

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin comes in a free or paid version. Depending on the version you are using, it provides a wide range of services that enable you to focus on every page and blog added to your website. Yoast SEO enables you a step by step update and allows you time to focus on every section of your website, getting a properly optimized website.

Your team gets a chance to focus on every page of the website to ensure SEO results are good, and things such as readability are of great quality. The plugin provides an in-depth analysis of your site ranking in keywords usage, the number of clicks received, and traffic obtained, ensuring you have a proper analysis of your website.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Yoast)


Uptrends has a catchy interface that is useful for web developers and administrators. It has a catchy and easy to understand interface that helps report writing and submission as it is easy to explain your findings to a third party. The uptrend tool is not just catchy to use. Still, it provides a ton of information and data to help in domain analysis.

It enables you to understand which other domains your website is referencing and comes with a bonus of having different locations you can test. This feature helps in making it reliable and accurate. Uptrends thus provide an excellent speed testing tool and have an awesome client interface that will help land you more jobs if you are an administrator.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Uptrends)

We hope that you found this article useful.

If you want to know more interesting about your site health, get personal recommendations and alerts, scan your website by Diib. It only takes 60 seconds.

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I`ve found Diib to be very helpful on demystifying Google Analytics data which can be overwhelming. The service trawls through your data and finds the areas where you can improve - even if you were an expert this would save time. For me, it means the data collected by Google Analytics becomes actionable so I can improve, rather than simply interesting.
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Varvy page speed optimization

A varvy page speed optimization tool is a free online platform that offers optimization services. It is an excellent tool that provides dozens of guides and information to understand more on web and mobile optimization and tutorials that help you interpret data and help improve your analysis. Varvy page speed optimization is thus useful for teaching and helps new web owners properly manage their site and optimize them without incurring costs.

The tool works by providing detailed information that enables you to analyze your CSS, JavaScript, and page speed challenges, helping you formulate strategies that help your page load faster and provide accurate data. It also enables you to identify errors in your codes and help clean up your codes to reduce the load time and ensure your website takes fewer minutes to load information.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Tigren)


Uptime is a paid tool that offers four different plans providing you with alternatives to choose from depending on the size of your website and business. The plans are friendly and competitive in price offers you an opportunity to get detailed website server and domain monitoring.

Its unique feature of offering monitoring data every minute from different continents provides accurate, up-to-date data that helps you fix errors and problems immediately, ensuring your website is up to date and always has good speed. Uptime provides a 21 free trial providing you enough time to learn how to use the platform and decide whether it is an added investment to your site. The period is also enough to have your team familiarize themselves with the platform before deciding on paying a premium.

It also offers additional services such as content matching, bulk management, and reports that provide guidelines on what effort a website needs to focus on for proper results. Its one-minute interval data can be compressed weekly, daily, or monthly reports enabling you to track your progress and rankings online. This information is essential as it provides clear feedback on optimization strategies to enable you to carry out plans that have positive results.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Uptime)


DareBoost is a free website speed test optimization tool that uses easy to understand methods to help you analyze and optimize your page. DareBoost has an appealing visual way of representing data that is easy to understand and interpret, making troubleshooting faster and accurate. The tool’s unique feature is that it provides a video breakdown of your loading process, allowing you to put yourself in the user’s shoes and fully understand what they feel.

This information helps you know where you lose traffic. This information helps understand how to deal with the issue and emphasize to ensure the pages are faster. A video breakdown of the loading process is also useful if you are working for an organization.

It is easier to explain the challenges and ask for funding to make the company’s website easy. Think of it as an easy way of asking for more funds or placing more funds aside without having to explain much.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: DareBoost)


Moz offers a variety of services and helps that help fix your website as a whole. The platform enables you to know what Google, Bing, and other search engines are looking for to enable you to put your website as an excellent candidate for crawling. It also focuses on keywords in your page and helps you understand what people were looking for when they landed on their page, increasing your keywords and helping you come up with new ones to improve your rankings and traffic. Moz is an excellent optimization tool that enables you to identify loopholes in your site and provide easy to read and interpret data useful in improving your website optimization and general speed.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: SurgeStream)


Ahrefs focus on backlinks, which are used by Google to rank your page. The more quality backlinks your page has, the higher it appears on Google site speed test rankings. Ahrefs thus help you weed out irrelevant backlinks and unclean code that may be slowing down your site. It also helps you know which backlinks are used by your competitors and which ones can be brought in to ensure your website is not filled with too many irrelevant lines of code that make it slow.

Website Load Speed: Tools for Optimization

(Image Credit: Matthew Woodward)

Improve Your Site Load Speed with Diib®!

Getting your website optimization right is essential to ensure you develop good traffic and increase your conversion rate. The above tools help you achieve this in different ways; thus, knowing your budget, needs, and expertise are good factors to consider when choosing a tool. It would help if you got your optimization right as it plays a significant role in the passing of information and selling of products through a site.

Diib Digital simplities complex metrics, giving you actionable insights into improving your website load speed and many other metrics involving your website and social media profiles. Here are some of the features that set us apart from the crowd:

  • Keyword, backlink, and indexing monitoring and tracking tools
  • User experience and mobile speed optimization
  • Site load speed analysis and repair
  • Social media integration and performance
  • Broken pages where you have backlinks (404 checker)
  • Technical SEO monitoring

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This is a debatable issue, however, our growth experts recommend a mobile site load in 1-2 seconds. A 2 second delay in your site load speed can result in abandonment rates of as much as 87%.

One of the biggest reasons for slow page load speed is optimized images. High resolution images can take a lot of bandwidth. Uploading a larger sized image and then scaling the size can also slow page load speed.

Lazy loading an image you need to display a lightweight placeholder image, then replace it with the full size image on scroll. You can accomplish this with: Inline tags, using JavaScript to populate the tag and event handlers “scroll” or “resize”.

Site speed can seriously affect the overall conversions, bounce rate and abandonment rate of your page. If your page doesn’t load in under 3 seconds, you can expect around 25% of users will click away from your page.

Yes. Page speed is a huge factor in SEO and a direct ranking factor. Indirectly, page speed can also affect your ranking by increasing bounce rate and lowering your dwell time.


Welcome to diib! Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account (not required to start) in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. We offer a free basic website scan and a variety of PRO memberships starting at just $29.99 a month.

With so many members we are also able to provide wholesale pricing combined with very high-quality work on services such as:

  • Quality backlink development (DA10-DA80 websites)
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