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Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

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Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

Read time 8 min read
Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Getting deals and successfully closing them is often a long and tiresome process, requiring a lot of patience. With the increase in real estate agents worldwide, many agents are devising new ways of staying in trade, such as quality advertisement and creating a robust online presence.

Most house buyers turn to the internet when searching for a house, seeking financial assistance to purchase a house, or when they need tips for a faster home purchase. Real estate agents are now meeting clients online and getting a chance to secure business in their local area and attract buyers from across the world.

It is essential to invest in your digital presence and learn the use of advertisement to capture your guests’ attention and turn them into clients. This article enables you to unpack the benefits of using online ads for real estate agents, how to create engaging ads likely to capture your user’s attention and ease the process of closing a sale.

Benefits of creating engaging ads for real estate agents

There are several benefits that you can gain from developing quality real estate ads. These include:

i. Increases businesses

Engaging real estate ads work by driving traffic to your site, thereby helping you gain new businesses. Building the best real estate ads of all time increases your chances of getting the clients’ attention, thus increasing the amount of business that comes your way. Most online clients have approximately two seconds before scrolling through your ad to something else. Therefore, you should formulate a real estate ad that captures their attention and makes them want to click.

ii. Helps you build a brand 

The best online ads for real estate agents are those that cut across a broader market while still focusing on specific groups. For example, having information that targets first-time home buyers, retiring groups, millennial, high and low-income individuals ensure you cut across a broad group. It also helps you personalize your information making it relatable and helpful in building your brand. The best real estate ads of all time ensure a client feels like it is a message directed to them, persuading them to engage.

iii. Builds trusts 

In a world where real estate agents, buyers and sellers meet and engage online, real estate property ads work by helping you build trust with the clients. By formulating the best real estate ads that are engaging with factual and well-written information, you increase your chances of making a virtual relationship with your audience and increasing their trust levels. Research has also shown that buyers and sellers reach out to real estate agents they have seen and interacted with online as they feel they have a connection with them. This trust is purely built through the consistent sharing of content and keeping the audience engaged.

iv. It helps you keep in touch with your clients 

It is tough to talk to or maintain communication with previous clients. However, having an active and engaging ad builds a closer connection with this group and helps you stay in touch without personally talking to them. You can have ads that include testimonials allowing you to gain more clients in the process. This action helps you get more referrals as they always remember you any time someone comments about a house or asks them for a realtor.

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v. Builds traffic to your site and improves your SEO rating 

Formulating real estate property ads that capture your viewers’ attention helps you gain traffic and online engagement. It brings the attention of the people you are trying to convert. Search engines such as Google and Bing have ways of monitoring traffic and helping you score higher by rewarding you for the traffic you generate.

Once an ad gets more clicks and drives more people to your landing page and website, the search engines will continually help you rank better, increasing your target audience. Excellent SEO ratings and high traffic are the correct combination real estate agent ads need to help them close sales and improve their market, types of ads and the different formats they use.

Understanding the different types of ads and their end goal helps you create engaging ads. The various formats of ads include;

Carousel ads

A carousel ad refers to a cluster of both videos and images showing more about a product or project. For instance, if you are working on three different projects, then having pictures or videos showing these distinct projects helps you keep your audience informed on what you are working on. Carousel ads can be tweaked to target a particular gender, age group, or luxury living type.

These ads help you reach a wide range of markets and set your content apart from the rest. Instead of being the real estate agent ads with a person and a house in the background, having something new will help it stand out and have more quality clicks. Carousel ads need more time and thought when formulating, but they are likely to bring you more traffic and increase the clicks’ quality when well-executed. Potentials will also appreciate the work you put in to create them, helping you sell your listings faster and increase your annual returns. Here is an example of a carousel ad:

(Image Credit: Wishpond Blog)

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Independent image or video 

Refers to the use of one image or video to pass a message. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram utilize this type of ad to reach their target audience and call to action, redirecting the traffic to a landing page. A single image should capture the user’s attention and pass a message in less than a second. The information on the image must be easy to understand to ensure the message is passed quickly.

When creating such ads, please avoid jargon or challenging vocabulary. Most of your audience in these spaces have many distractions and too many sellers trying to get their attention, thus ensure your ad is worth their time. The use of single videos is helpful on social platforms. Having videos that can be shared helps you reach a broader market and is a strategy that should be well thought out to ensure your audience understands the message in the video and follows through with the call to action. It is also the most used type of ad formulation and is essential for beginners.

Collection ads

Established real estate brokers and companies use collection ads. This type of ad consists of a video with different products placed below it. For example, the video may show a house being decorated in a particular area and have listings of homes in a specific location under it. Collection videos may appear on pages with high traffic since they help generate traffic and redirect users to your page.

The types of ads useful for real estate are classified under four broad categories. They include;

  • Lead ads
  • Offer ads
  • Pitch ads
  • Traffic ads

i. Lead ads 

A lead ad is a type of ad that focuses on the exchange of information. It helps you get information from the audience in exchange for a product or service. Usually, an incentive is dangled before the user to urge them to exchange it for their details. For instance, one can offer free valuation or homebuyers guide for beginners in exchange for their email address. For example:

Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Become a local leader)

Lead ads are carefully crafted to get information from the user without making them feel prying. They have statements where one can sign in for a free guide enabling them to focus on the prize rather than the information. Lead ads help real estate agents increase traffic and better understand the new clients, helping them develop the best marketing strategy to initiate or close sales.

ii. Offer ads 

Offer ads work by outrightly stating an offer to the user. They usually have statements like “did you know” or “stand a chance to win.” These are catchy statements that are likely to make a client pose to read more on the same or click the links. Since this ad focuses on placing attention on your landing page, it should contain direction on what to do next and ensure you get as much information about the person as you can since they focus on the prize. The image below shows an example of an offer ad:

Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: REI BlackBook)

iii. Traffic leads 

Traffic leads are designed to develop and increase traffic to sites. They have catchy short headings that attract clients. They help provide clients with a list of homes available in their areas, increasing the number of people who would click on them. For instance:

Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: The Close)

iv. Personal pitch ads 

Personal pitch ads are an excellent strategy for seasoned real estate agents with a following. They provide you with a touch to capitalize on your social capital as people will get a minute to listen or watch a familiar face. They help you manage content with your clients and provide an avenue for keeping in touch with them.

How to create engaging ads

Understanding the types and formats of ads helps you know which one to use and how to use it. Getting the right information helps you choose the right ad to effectively pass the correct information, ensuring you get the most from your campaign. Some of the tips to help you create engaging ads include;

Narrow down your target

Narrowing down your target audience ensures you focus on a client base that is likely to provide value by clicking on your ad and closing a sale. Remember that most online ads are paid for; thus, getting value from each click is essential in monetizing your ads. Analyze the clients you want to sell to and those eligible to purchase the type of houses on your seller list.

If you are selling homes in a high-end neighborhood, targeting starting millennials is likely the wrong audience as they may like the houses, but the price is probably not in their price range. You can also narrow down your target by analyzing your style to understand whether it is vintage, rustic, minimalistic, or modern for you to narrow down your target to people who like what you are selling.

Build trust

Online ads for real estate agents that focus on building trust ensure their clients feel heard. Instead of making advertisements that focus on selling a product, create ads that ask questions or contrast two different designs. This process ensures you understand your audience better as it engages them and provides essential information. You can create ads that encourage them to share their dream homes or how well they can decorate a playroom. These activities provide you with ideas on the type of market you are dealing with and help you create engaging material that they find relatable.

Use excellent images

The best real estate ads focus on using high-resolution images that are precise and packed with a message as real estate is visual. Using high-resolution images help catch your audience’s attention and also appeal to their emotions, helping them view their family in the space created. Using creative visuals is essential as real estate is about appealing to one’s emotions. People do not just buy houses, but they purchase the feeling of home, safety and convenience. You should ensure your visuals send these messages to achieve high feedback. Take a look at these high quality images below:

Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: HomeSpotter Blog)

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Plan ahead

Creating engaging ads and content is involving and tiring. However, planning helps you get organized and execute a campaign properly. You can decide how long an ad needs to last, the type of format and style you are going with, and how frequently these ads will be posted. These decisions build consistency helping your audience look forward to information at particular times. Planning also enables you to eliminate monotony and provides an opportunity for you to focus on being creative, ensuring your content is engaging.

Quality content

Quality content is essential for the success of any online campaign and the creation of engaging ads. Quality content not only seeks to pass a message but has a clear call to action that helps you translate visitors into potential clients. You can take your time to create quality content and ensure the ad’s different parts are included. Remember, quality does not mean quantity, but the careful selection of words, images, and video to pass a message in real estate to the clients. By ensuring proper coordination and flow of narration, your ads are sure to get positive feedback.

Use motion pictures and videos

Different studies show that real estate agent ads that focus on using video ads get more views and have higher engagements. These videos are also likely to get shared on different social platforms as opposed to still images. Real estate is visual; create ads that provide a virtual walkthrough of the house as it engages buyers interested in such spaces. This act ensures you open house viewings and your home is not listed for a long time.

Track ads performance

Tracking your ad’s performance is a way of gauging its engagement level. If your ad does not generate any clicks or seems to get assumed by most people, changing the ad is essential to ensure you formulate something that people want to see. Some of the things you can look into for ad tracking include;

  • Impressions– this refers to the number of times people viewed the post, which focuses on client interest.
  • Reach – It refers to the number of people the post got to in terms of location, gender, or profession, enabling you to verify if your target audience is listening.
  • Click through rate – It refers to the number of people who adhered to the call to action and clicked the ad.
  • Cost per action – Refers to what action a person did after seeing your post. Did they sign up or ask a question?
  • Conversion rate – It refers to the number of leads generated by an ad divided by the clicks it received.

The above things help you analyze whether an ad is engaging or not. If you do not get the results you want, bring the ad down and form another that helps you meet your target.

Create a captivating call to action

Call to action refers to what you want a client to do after viewing your ad. Having a clear, straightforward and effective call to action ensures you have engaging ads that bring value. Determine whether you want leads, generate traffic, or form a bond with the client and direct them to either sign up to your page, email or leave their contact number for personalized service. For example:

Craft Engaging Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Real Estate Marketing Blog)

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Other tips to help you develop engaging ads include incorporating reviews and testimonials, having a budget, using a friendly tone, and analyzing your competitors. Diib Digital will give you everyday metrics designed to optimize your ads and how well they are received. Here are some of the features of our User Dashboard we’re sure you’ll appreciate:

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There are so many resources in places where you can advertise, many of them free.

  • Utilize social media, post often
  • Create and maintain a website
  • Print business cards
  • List on real estate directories or sites
  • Seek good testimonials
  • Start a direct mail campaign

Digital billboards are very effective and a creative way to market your real estate agency. This can increase brand awareness and solidify your name as an expert in your field.

The first thing is to update your photo frequently and highlight homes you have listed for sale. Create helpful tabs, and always respond to comments. Use high quality images and videos. Share advice that could be helpful when buying or selling a home.

CPC Facebook advertising costs run about $0.27 per click. If you are measuring cost per thousand impressions (CPM), this is running around $7.19 per thousand.

Start with these tips: 1) Location targeting by zip code. 2) Age targeting. 3) Target by income. 4) Target by home ownership status. 5) Custom audiences.


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