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Why It Is Important To Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Why It Is Important To Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing

Read time 11 min read
Multi Channel Marketing

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Today, most people spend a considerable amount of time online, creating a great venue to reach your target clients. While using social media channels can help boost your conversions and leads, you may want to diversify your strategies. Using a single marketing channel may limit your reach significantly. If individual clients don’t use your selected platform, then they won’t get your marketing message. 

However, when you use multiple channels, you can connect with more people to showcase your content and ads. It helps keep your brand on top of the customer’s mind to lure them into taking action. The more actively you boost your marketing plans, the higher you enhance your chances of success. Let’s look into why you need multiple channels of marketing strategies and how you can create one. 

What Is Multi Channel Marketing?

It’s the practice of interacting with your target customers through various online and offline marketing communication channels. It may seem somewhat difficult to manage different platforms, social networks, and email campaigns. However, the mediums support each other towards achieving a common goal, and you won’t have to work too hard. 

Remember that your customers would want the freedom to shop for your products or services using their mobile devices or by communicating with your sales agents. People use the internet differently. Some only get online while at work, while others will spend extensive hours on social media or reading through blogs. On the other hand, there is a specific group of people that hardly uses the internet. 

A multichannel marketing channel aims to reach out to all those individuals using different means. It covers everything from display adverts, social media, websites, TV, text messages, blogging, and physical retail stores. It not only helps to expand your reach but also creates a great impression of your brand. For instance, someone may read a blog post about your brand, see a similar social media post, and even receive your campaign’s direct mail. As a result, they easily relate with your company and what you offer, prompting purchase. 

How To Launch A Successful Multiple Channels Marketing Campaign

Setting up campaigns in various mediums caters to numerous individuals’ needs. Therefore, it should engage and nurture your target customers to continue to gain qualified leads and maximize conversions. Follow the steps below to create a successful campaign. 

Outline Clear Goals

Your first step is to determine your campaign’s purpose. Multi Channel marketing’s primary goal is to acquire new clients, retain the existing, or provide information. Your strategies will differ in terms of the message, coverage, and execution based on the objectives. For example, your retention campaign mainly focuses on a smaller group of loyal clients, while an informative one focuses on a broad user base. 

Identify Your Buyer Persona

Next, pick out the specific group of audience that your marketing campaigns target. It gives you essential information about your buyer’s needs. Conduct an in-depth study of your target audience to gather enough data about the types of advertisements they engage with and their demographics. You will thus have a clear idea of which channels to use and the tone of your message. 

For example, if you target teens, social media could be the right medium since they spend a lot of time on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can even run tests on various platforms, and if a single one records high engagement, you are on the right track. If you get a poor response, you can reconsider your persona and do another test. One way you can test success on social media is through Diib’s social analytic tool. This tool will tell you when your fans are most likely to be online and shows you how well your posts did. For example:

Multi Channel Marketing

Choose And Integrate The Appropriate Marketing Channels 

If you use all the channels available, then your multi channel marketing campaign may be costly. Remember that you have to invest a considerable amount of money and time in crafting the marketing strategy to produce and advertise your content. Hence you need to pick the most relevant channels to use. Based on your target customers and your goals, various channels appear more effective than others. 

Additionally, ensure that the channels connect and promote each other. For example, you can request your site visitors to check out your brand on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. That way, you unify your company across numerous marketing channels.

Also, ensure that your strategies appear similar across all the platforms, but you need to be strategic about what works in a specific channel. For instance, visual platforms like Instagram perform better with brand images, while articles or blog posts work well on editorial sites like Linkedin. Although you aim at conveying the same message across the channels, play by the rules of each platform, and create varying content types. 

Create A Responsive Website

To market on different channels means that you need to pass your marketing information across various devices. Hence a responsive website will help you reach out to numerous customers irrespective of how they choose to access your site. 

Thus, your audience can have easy and uniform access to your content, whether they decide to use smartphones, tablets, or desktops. If you have an unresponsive site, your page visitors are more likely to bounce back after they experience interface issues. You can test responsiveness and speed of a website through PageSpeed Insights by Google, for example:

Multi Channel Marketing

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Implement Automations

It’s very overwhelming to create and execute a marketing campaign effectively across various channels. Hence, it would be wise to use some automation solutions to scale up your multi channel marketing approach. Remember that time is essential, and you also want to ensure that each customer gets the same message. Hence, invest in the right technology to help you optimize messages across various channels and execute other complex marketing tasks with ease. 

Automation helps you stick to a schedule, segments, and personalizes the message to make your marketing plans more strategic. You can thus stay in contact with a vast number of customers with minimal effort. 

Maintain Quality

When you have different teams handling various channels, it’s easy to create varying messages if each department works independently. To run a successful marketing program, align all departments to bring about a cohesive impression in all marketing channels. Note that a considerable number of those who participate in your marketing campaigns are your regular site visitors. Therefore, your brand’s inconsistency may confuse them when they shift between platforms, and it may have a conflicting opinion of your company. 

Therefore, ensure that all team members use identifiable content to create a consistent brand image on all platforms. Still, you need to ensure that you provide useful information to avoid repetitive messaging from one channel to the other. Keep your message relevant and use a tone that your target audience resonates with to establish a solid reputation. 

Track Results 

You must keep track of all the marketing channels to know which one performs better and what you need to cut out. Keep a look at the engagement levels, opening rates, and responses across various platforms. You will notice that even if some channels may not create impressive results, they will help you collect useful data. For instance, you can determine what your customers are looking for from the comments or reviews. 

The results should help you improve your future marketing campaigns for better returns on investment. When you add a new channel to your plan, use the first few months to determine its effectiveness. You will then know whether it’s worth investing in, or you might need to divert your efforts elsewhere. Continuous testing will help you develop a potent combination of effective marketing channels.

Nonetheless, it may be challenging to determine the exact multichannel marketing channel that brings in qualified conversion and sales. For example, a customer can visit a physical store then later follow your brand on social media. You might not be in a position to determine the exact interaction that contributes to the highest conversions impacts. Still, you can use various attribution models to determine which channels influenced the others. They include;

  • Linear Attribution: The model gives equal credit to all touchpoints per sale without considering influence. 
  • First Interaction: It acknowledges the initial touchpoint the customer interacted with as the source of conversion.
  • Last Interaction: It gives credit to the last touchpoint the customer linked to before making a purchase.
  • Time Decay Model: It provides more attribution to the most recent touchpoints and less credit to the initial interaction points.
  • Position Based: It gives credit to the middle touchpoints for conversion rather than those at the beginning or end. 

Klipfolio has tracking tools for multi channel marketing. They have a tool for tracking digital marketing, email marketing, ecommerce marketing and more. Here is an example of the ecommerce dashboard:

Multi Channel Marketing

(Image Credit: Klipfolio)

Consider Retargeting

Remember that besides availing your marketing content across numerous channels, your main goal is to direct the target customers to your sales point. Therefore, aim at redirecting your bounced traffic in one medium to other platforms by including retargeting ads on all your pages.

Any customer who bounces away will be able to see your other platforms. As a result, you link all the channels to increase web traffic and promote successful inbound marketing. 

Marketing Channels Combination That Works Well Together

Some channels work well together compared to others, but this will differ based on your business’s nature. For the best outcome, it would be best to use a strategy that allows you to track performance on each platform and make adjustments when necessary. Still, you can try out the following combinations.

Social Media And Content Marketing

You can use social platforms for advertising your blog content. By sharing a link to your website page on these platforms, your followers can read your blogs. They may even share them with their friends. Hence social media makes it easier to distribute your brand information. 

Always provide a way to share your content by including the additional social media buttons. Still, mention your social media accounts on your websites to attract more followers. By combining the two channels, you are more likely to enjoy free marketing as the content gets shared across multiple platforms. The image below shows an example of what social media buttons can look like on your website:

Multi Channel Marketing


Search engine optimization is a cost-effective marketing alternative. Google ranks your content in the search engines based on the keywords used. As a result, you will attract a higher number of individuals to your website. On the other hand, in the pay per click strategy, you pay a fee for any of your ads clicked.

The two work excellently together since they both focus on keywords. SEO takes time to build, but it brings about long term benefits. For PPC, you can set it up and tear it down based on your wants. If your brand appears in organic and paid searches, it is more likely to drive more traffic. 

Content Marketing And SEO

The two strategies heavily rely on one another. With content marketing, you aim at providing relevant information about your brand to your customers. To rank better in search results, you need to optimize your content using SEO strategies. As a result, you earn more traffic on your site. Besides, with great content, other influencers and bloggers may refer to it, so you get inbound links. It improves your SEO further. 

Other Combinations

TV ads also tend to go well with YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos. Remember that most TV viewers often get distracted to check their social media platforms while still watching a show. Therefore, using various platforms will increase your reach. 

Additionally, if you target a working audience, mobile phones, and computer advertisements work well between work hours. However, radios and TV ads will work best in the evenings and on weekends. 

Benefits Of Multi channel Marketing

By using multiple channels to market your brand, you will enjoy the following benefits without a massive increase in cost; 

Increase Market Potential

The multiple channels significantly boost your market potential. For instance, if you have set up a store and create an online shopping site, it suddenly increases your customer base. It is because more people can access your products or services via their digital devices regardless of location.

Boosts Revenue

As more customers know your brand, you are more likely to record more purchases from your store. Additionally, your brand will grow at a faster rate since people will recommend it to their friends. As a result, you will experience increased revenue rates and brand equity as you engage your clients on various channels.

Gives A Competitive Advantage

Utilizing multiple marketing channels helps you to get the best out of every medium. If your competitors use a single medium, then you remain ahead of them. With time, you will know the best campaign type to optimize for maximum results whenever a competitor pops up. You can track how your competitors are doing on social media pages through BuzzSumo’s competitor tool, for example:

Multi Channel Marketing

(Image Credit: BuzzSumo)

Lets You Maximize On Different Customer Preferences

Consumer preferences vary greatly. While some may prefer purchasing from a physical store, others love to buy online. Further, some opt to purchase when there is an exhibition or a significant sale. Therefore, utilizing multichannel strategies in marketing efforts enhances better customer engagement.

Create Intent-driven Campaigns

The multi channel marketing approach enables you to reach out to different users, depending on a particular campaign’s intent. For instance, when sending some vital financial details, you can use both email and SMS. On the other hand, if you want to drive more traffic to your site, you can depend on push notification or emails to get the highest returns. 

Additionally, you can send users an SMS, push notifications, In-App messages, or a discount voucher via email to get more conversions. The various strategies will guarantee maximum reach among your customer base. For example:

Multi Channel Marketing

You Can Optimize Your Marketing Campaign

When you use multichannel strategies, you can analyze your campaign to establish the top and worst-performing channels. The results will help you develop better strategies to give you better yields by isolating the underperforming channels.

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It Increases Brand Awareness

With the increased use of digital devices, your potential customers may be online at any given time through multiple channels. Therefore, an efficient multi channel marketing campaign ensures that all the active users feel your brand presence. You will thus gain maximum attention from your users. With time, your products or services’ multiple impressions will create repeat customers. As your brand’s popularity increases out there, your potential clients have higher chances to find you whenever they need your items.

It Boosts your Sustainability

It’s worth noting that the larger brands have a competitive edge over others since their presence is everywhere. Therefore, if you want to grow and get to the same level, it would be best to utilize multiple marketing channels. This way, your venture will be sustainable even during harsh business environments. 

Diib®: Boost Your Visibility with Multi-Channel Marketing!

Most likely, your company already has a reliable marketing channel. However, one platform is never enough, and you need to use as many as you can to reach a vast range of prospects. Remember to give your customers a consistent experience across all channels and connect with them in ways that match their preferences. It results in expanded reach, higher conversions, organic growth of followers, high retention rate, increased engagement, and impression levels. 

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This is marketing to a group of people through a combination of direct and indirect communication channels. For example: website, retail store, catalogs, email, direct mail, social media ads, mobile phone ect.

In order to reach everyone in a certain demographic or that would use a specific service or product, you need to use various forms of marketing or you will never reach everyone.

Omnichannel marketing generally focuses on providing a consistent, personalized experience for shoppers across all channels and devices. On the other hand, multichannel marketing spans different channels and is more flexible in its approach.

This is a company that gives its customers a number of ways to interact and obtain products. It can cover purchases in store, online, over the phone, over chat, mail orders, social media and site comparison experiences.

The unequivocal marketing champion is, by far, PPC Marketing. Followed closely by social media, email marketing, website, content marketing, SEO and word of mouth.


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