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Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

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Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

Read time 11 min read
Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Advertisers pay for suggested posts on Facebook to enable them to appear on potential client’s news feeds. This article seeks to explain tips on how to make suggested posts on Facebook, shed light on what is suggested for these types of posts, how to create them and how they increase traffic and visibility. It will provide guidance to marketing teams and Facebook managers on insightful information needed to carry out a successful suggested post campaign.

What is a suggested post on Facebook?

Understanding what a suggested post on Facebook is entails knowledge of how Facebook carries out its marketing strategies. Suggested post ads provide a platform for showing paid ads to relevant people. As opposed to sponsored stories that focus on a person’s friends and fan base, suggested posts cover a broader demographic; allowing the advertising post to reach a wider demographic, increasing their visibility and chance of more sales. A suggested post comes in the form of an ad; however, it has the word suggested posts at the top and a sponsored icon on the bottom to identify it. For example:

(Image Credit: Marketing Land)

How to create a suggested post on Facebook

You may not know what a suggested post on Facebook is or what they look like. This section will help you answer this by learning how to set up a suggested Facebook post and how to get a suggested post approved. Some of the steps to help you learn how to make this possible include:

  • Open the Facebook application and click on power editor.
  • Open the campaign bar found on the header area and click on the create campaign button.
  • Provide a name for the campaign.
  • Under the recent campaign sidebar on the left, click to highlight your new campaign.
  • Next, click on the ads tab and select create ad tab.
  • Under the ad type, select “AD” and “for a Facebook page using page post.” For example:

Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

(Image Credit: AdEspresso)

  • Create the page post you want to run as a suggested post.
  • Go to the placement section and choose whether you want it to run on both desktop and mobile or mobile-only. In case you want to select the type of device, you can further select that at this point if necessary.
  • Under the audience section, select your preferred target audience.
  • Go to the pricing and status section and select your budget.
  • Once the post meets your preferred criteria, upload it by hitting the upload button to upload it to your Facebook primary ads dashboard.
  • Wait for your ad to be approved.

Tips to create a suggested posts on Facebook

Just like any other marketing post, suggested posts play a vital role in helping you increase sales and drive traffic. Some of the tips to create compelling suggested posts on Facebook include:

i. Use a high quality image

Most Facebook users are visual and easily distracted by the number of suggested posts and online campaigns they meet on Facebook. The easiest way to capture their attention is by using high-quality images. Quality images not only stand out, but they are also good to look at, enabling you to capture a person’s attention and have them read the message attached to the image.

ii. Use creative images

In addition to having quality images, they should also be creative and relevant to the suggested post. For example, suppose you are running a suggested post for a real estate company, instead of using the generic image of a salesperson standing in front of a house like everyone else, you can get creative and have a picture of a well-kept lawn that shows through a glass wall into the house.

That way, you give your audience a sneak peek of the house and have them see themselves living there before reading the attachment on the post. By having creative images, you are likely to have more people click on the suggested post and drive traffic to the company’s Facebook page or website.

iii. Be willing to experiment with images and text

It may be challenging to know when to use text images or mix up when creating your suggested posts. It is easy to risk having posts that look similar; thus, being willing to experiment is vital. By mixing up the use of images and texts, you get a chance to see how your audience responds to them. You can also formulate text-only posts with beautiful backgrounds to help you break the monotony, especially if you are running a suggested post-campaign over a long period.

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iv. Analyze your audience response

The success of suggested posts on Facebook is tied to how many people respond to the post. A response can either be positive or negative; thus, using this response to your advantage is essential to help you stand out and make the most from every campaign. By analyzing your audience campaign, it provides an opportunity for you to know what types of ads work in your favor and are liked by your audience and which ones do not enjoy the kind of engagement you would like to see. An intentional analysis is essential as it enables you to properly plan your posts and learn from mistakes. For instance:

Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

(Image Credit: Reportgarden)

An audience’s response will help you understand what type of post works for that demographic or help you know which audience is positively responding to the ads. For example, if you create a suggested post on Facebook and have more females reacting to the post or a specific age type. This kind of feedback makes it easy to know how to reach this age group while enabling you to formulate other suggested posts to help you tap into the broader audience that was left out.

v. Be consistent

Facebook is one of the busiest marketing tools, with people posting every minute. For your suggested post-campaign to be successful, you need to stay consistent and form a timetable when you want to post. By building consistency, it helps you post new content often and reach your audience. For example, a person may see an ad today and not respond to it. However, if they see a similar suggested post on their timeline the next day or three consecutive times, it forms a curiosity that makes them want to know more, thus clicking on the ad.

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If you stay consistent, you are likely to get steady traffic as you offer Facebook users an opportunity to get used to your brand. They may not acknowledge your posts all at once, but as you focus on bringing more people on board one at a time, you soon get to reap from your patience.

vi. Carry out proper research of the target audience

For a suggested post to be effective, you must first carry out proper research on the target audience and know what works for them before creating a post. Understand the language that appeals to that audience, trends in their spaces, and which previous post they gravitated towards. With such information in mind, you can create suggested posts that yield results. It also helps you avoid guessing what your audience is likely to respond to, saving you time and helping you reach your desired goal faster.

vii. Have a strong call to action

Suggested posts are created with an intention behind them. However, most people do not place a call to action or place weak ones as you expect your image and captivating words to attract them. However, a call to action plays an essential role in helping you tie together your post. It not only tells your audience what to do but provides them guidance or direction on what action you need them to take next. Your call to action does not have to belong. Here are a few examples of call to actions on a Facebook ad:

Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

(Image Credit: Wishpond Blog)

However, it needs to be precise and straight to the point to help you communicate effectively to your audience. A tactful call to action also adds meaning to your suggested posts making them more relevant, thus achieving desired results. However, it would help if you remembered that Facebook is not a fun call to action.

Therefore, ensure you use call-to-action words in a not-so-obvious manner enabling you to get the result you want while staying clear of Facebook regulation ads. For example, by hyperlinking the company’s name, you can direct people to their Facebook page or website without coming out as a direct call to action.

viii. Keep it short

one of the most effective ways of creating impactful suggested posts is keeping them short. Research shows that shorter suggested posts sparked more reaction and enjoyed higher engagements as compared to longer posts. Short posts allow customers to quickly scan through what you are saying, providing you an upper hand in passing your message across.

They also ensure you do not lose your audience and enable them to carry out the desired results like clicking on the website. However, when you use a long text, you are likely to have fewer engagements or have a post that looks too crowded or too wordy, making it unappealing.

ix. Know what competitors are doing

Before posting a suggested post, it is essential to research and know what competitors are doing. By having a full view of the market, you avoid instances of shooting yourself on the foot. It also enables you to identify their loopholes and use them to your advantage. Knowing what competitors are doing is essential in helping you stay ahead of your suggested post or planning your events. There are tools available to help you spy on your competitors, such as BuzzSumo:

Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

For example, you do not want to run flash sales or promotions simultaneously as your competitors, as it will reduce the number of sales you are likely to enjoy. If you choose to run sales simultaneously, having details means you identify your product or service strength and utilize that to your advantage, helping you formulate suggested Facebook posts that produce results .

x. Ensure your post is relevant and meaningful

To formulate an effective suggested post, you need to keep the information pertinent to the company’s goals and mission. Your suggested post should reflect where the company stands and what they are currently working on or focusing on achieving. For example, if a company seeks to increase its contact list, formulating suggested posts that encourage people to sign up for a free newsletter is relevant to their current goal and geared towards increasing traffic. By developing relevant posts, you are likely to ensure the campaign is successful and effective as you and the company will be on the same page.

xi. Appeal to the emotions

For a suggested post to be effective, you need to appeal to your audience’s emotions. Emotions play a significant role in marketing, making people click or want to know more about a product. Using words that appeal to emotion or excite your audience, you are likely to have more people relate to your brand and respond positively to the post. Appealing to one’s feelings will also enable you to get feedback from them and have them engage with you, helping you analyze your post-impact.

6 Benefits of a suggested post on Facebook

There are several benefits of using suggested posts on Facebook. Some of these benefits include the following:

1. Access to a targeted audience

Suggested posts on Facebook ads provide you an opportunity to target a specific audience and help you increase your market. For example, if you are focused on getting the attention of a particular group of people, you can use suggested posts to ensure your website product or service reaches them. Besides, you can also use this platform to narrow down the type of audience you want, helping you determine your campaign’s quality.

Suppose your company sells baby clothes, for example. In that case, targeting mothers and parents are likely to bring you more positive results than sharing your information with a demographic audience of single people who do not have children. The ability to determine who sees your post is essential to help you get results. The image below shows the process of setting up a target audience for your Facebook ad:

Tips to Create a Suggested Post on Facebook

2. Determine the quality of leads

Suggested posts help you predetermine your leads. By deciding who gets to see your information, you focus on building content for that particular group, enabling you to determine your lead’s quality. It also helps you narrow down your options and ensure you focus on the group that is likely to generate the most success. Narrowing down your search, for example, to people with iPhone, is a good strategy if your company is selling iPhone accessories and ensures you do not get high traffic of people who may not be interested in your product.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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3. Lower marketing expense

Like any other Facebook ads, you pay for suggested posts; however, using this ad helps you lower your expenses while giving you more value. For example, if you pay for every click generated by the ad, using a suggested post means that the type of people who can click the ad is already predetermined.

This act means that only specific people will be able to see the ad on their news feeds and click on it, and this person is likely to give you positive results. For example, if you get 100 clicks and out of that 70 people make a purchase, the amount of money spent paying the clicks is lower than having 1000 clicks and only 70 buyers due to the post being opened to a larger audience.

4. Increase your web traffic

Suggested posts work to increase your company’s traffic. For example, if the suggested post aims at everyone using an android phone, it increases your demographic and opens you up to more people other than your friends and fans. It means you are likely to reach more people translating in the type of traffic you stand to enjoy. High traffic also translates to conversions helping you make more sales. Thus, if you use suggested posts, one of the benefits you stand to enjoy is not only high traffic but an increase in sales that enable you to grow your business.

5. Brand awareness and visibility

The suggested post provides you with an opportunity to grow your brand and increase your visibility by helping you tap into a broader market. You can reach more people and appeal to a larger audience, helping you grow your brand. By having a useful suggested post that drives consistent and high traffic to your pages, you stand to increase your visibility and, in turn, grow your brand, helping you become an authority in the market.

6. Help you move ahead of your competitors

Instead of fighting for the same audience as your competitors, suggested posts provide you an opportunity to cast your net wider and bring in more people to your fold. It provides a larger market that helps you stay ahead of your competitors. For example, by determining which type of audience you want to focus on, you can focus all your energy on reaching more people, simultaneously helping you stay ahead of the competition. You can also access their market and win them over by having promotions and discounts to entice your audience.

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