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How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

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How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

Read time 13 min read
How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Owning, operating, and marketing a hotel or an entire hotel chain is no walk in the park. The hotel and hospitality industries are extremely competitive and highly saturated, making it even more challenging for those just breaking into the industry to succeed.

If you are the owner of a hotel or if you are managing the marketing strategy for a hotel, knowing how to launch hotel ads Facebook can make or break your business and its ability to remain successful and profitable into the future. Learning how to set up the most attractive Facebook advertising for hotels is a way to stay ahead of the curve, ahead of the competition, and ahead financially.

Streamline Your Facebook Presence

Before learning how to target hotel owners on Facebook and how to appeal to prospective guests, you must first work to streamline your Facebook presence. Streamlining your online presence with the use of your website, official blog, and all of your social media pages is essential to minimize confusion and to help boost your hotel website’s overall SEO, or search engine optimization.

What’s in a Name

Select the same name for your social media accounts as you have selected for your domain name or the official name of your hotel. Prevent or minimize confusion when spreading the word about your hotel by streamlining all of your online and offline accounts to use the same spelling and wording used in your official hotel name as well as your official domain.

Logos and Branding

Streamlining your chosen logo as well as other branding elements you have incorporated into your hotel itself is also imperative, especially when you intend to launch marketing campaigns with the use of Facebook.

Use high-quality graphics and photography as well as high-quality versions of your logo across all social media platforms, especially Facbeook. Verify that your social media logo(s) match the same logo and style used on the official website or blog of your hotel. For instance:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

Before you launch any hotel ads Facebook it is imperative to ensure that your logos and branding have been streamlined to blend with the official website and domain for your hotel. Establishing credibility and building a professional and trustworthy reputation is much more difficult for individuals and companies that do not utilize branding when creating their own online presence.

Craft Relevant and Engaging Content 

While you are in the process of creating marketing campaigns for your hotel on social media, it is highly recommended to craft a relevant and engaging content marketing strategy for your current followers and readers, and prospective future guests.

News and Updates

Keeping your social media feed flowing is extremely important as a hotel owner or manager, especially if you wish to remain relevant to your followers or if you are launching a brand new hotel from the ground up.

Social media algorithms today are programmed to highlight and promote businesses and brands that are the most active and that receive the most shares and engagement from their followers. The more you actively update and inform your followers, the more likely your hotel is to remain visible within newsfeeds and timelines on Facebook.

One way to ensure that you remain as consistent as possible when developing your presence on social media is to provide your readers and followers with ongoing updates and news as it pertains to your hotel.

Hosting an interesting banquet or conference soon? Inform your followers and potential future guests. Are you promoting a special deal or discount for those who follow you on social media? Facebook Ads can also help you to maximize your reach and online visibility.

Hotel and Travel Trips

Sharing hotel booking and travel tips is also a way to establish yourself as one of the best hotels on Facebook with your next Facebook Ads campaign. Providing insightful and actionable tips to guide your readers to save money on booking their next hotel or offering up travel tips when visiting a new city, state, or even an entirely new country can be extremely helpful.

Using hotel and travel tips is another method of building and establishing credibility for your hotel locally and internationally. For example:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

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Upcoming Deals and Promotions

Use your next FB marketing campaign to showcase upcoming deals and promotions you are launching for your hotel guests. If you are providing holiday specials, drawings, or even contests and giveaway promotions, you can use your next Facebook Ads campaign to engage followers and encourage users to participate. Here is an example of a holiday special:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

When a company page on Facebook and other social media pages appears active and actively engaged, it is much easier to garner a following and to gain the trust of users who have a genuine interest in learning more.

Surrounding Events and Local Attractions

Another way to introduce your hotel into a location that is rife with competition is to create blog or social media content surrounding local events and attractions. Providing guides to local attractions and events that are near your hotel is also a way to incentivize readers and followers to learn more about your own hotel accommodations and the features your hotel has to offer.

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Link Building

Utilize Quality, Professional Photography

Never underestimate the power of using professional photography, especially with Facebook advertising for hotels. As a hotel owner, manager, or marketer, it is your job and responsibility to garner attention online and to attract new followers and future guests, especially when it comes to your online presence and social media pages.

High-Quality Photos 

The level of quality you choose to use when selecting and promoting photos of your hotel, as well as its surrounding areas, can mean the difference between becoming fully booked and falling short of expectations in terms of reservations and revenue altogether.

When selecting photographs to use for your online presence as well as with your hotel’s Facebook account, consider the overall image and aesthetic you want to portray. If you have a specific and set aesthetic for your hotel, it is important to only use photographs and images that align with your preferred or chosen type of branding.

It is also important to highlight the best aspects and elements of your hotel within the photos you upload and share. Avoid uploading too many photos that may become distracting or that may cause your gallery to lose value and impact on those who are otherwise unfamiliar with your hotel and its location.

Only select and feature photos that truly help to show off the best features and functions of your hotel as well as the rooms and accommodations you have available. The image below shows a few photos posted by a hotel facebook page:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

Consider the Colors in Your Photos

When selecting photos to use within your own Facebook marketing campaign, consider which colors are most prominent and prevalent. With any online campaign, you only have one opportunity to make a first and lasting impression with a social media marketing campaign. Choosing your photos and the imagery you want to use to best represent your hotel is a significant decision that should not be taken or made lightly.

Provide User Photos

Implement a user gallery for photos of your hotel as well as their stay on your official website, blog, and even on your social media pages. You can also create an entirely separate folder for uploaded and shared user photos on your Facebook account to help establish credibility and trust if your hotel is new.

Uploaded and shared user photos work similarly to testimonials and reviews, providing followers and prospective guests with a real-time look at how your hotel is run and managed.

Engage With Followers, Fans, and Guests

Whether you are building and establishing your social media presence for the first time or if you are simply looking for ways to grow and scale your current presence, engagement is key. Engaging with fans, followers, and even current guests can help you to establish an online reputation for any hotel, regardless of your surrounding competition.

Interact With Fans and Guests

Using your social media page as well as your Facebook Ads marketing campaign, interact with fans and guests who respond to your posts and content that you share or promote. Answer questions, respond to comments, and even provide valuable and professional responses to negative criticism whenever it is warranted.

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

Ask for Input

Consider asking your followers and even past guests for input when sharing new content and blogs to your social media page(s), especially when doing so on Facebook. You not only have the opportunity to ask for input from your users and prospective guests with the Facebook Ads that you publish and share, but also with the Facebook page you have set up to promote the hotel you own or represent itself.

Asking for input is a way to gauge how your followers and readers feel about your hotel as well as the way you are managing and operating its online presence. Additionally, asking for input from your followers and prospective guests is also a way to build a sense of community among your fans and past customers or clients.

Building a sense of community among your online followers can help with future bookings and reservations. The more individuals feel as if your hotel genuinely puts customer service first, the more likely they are to refer their own family members and friends to your hotel in the future.

Transparency Matters

When one of your main goals is to establish credibility and trustworthiness among future prospective guests, transparency matters. When others view your hotel as shady or new and untrustworthy, it is important to prove them wrong in order to survive and to attract future guests.

Whenever you are in the process of building an online presence for your hotel on Facebook, it is advisable to always respond to criticism and comments, even if they are negative or do now show your hotel in a positive light. Respond professionally and with courtesy in mind to showcase your own professionalism and to build a better reputation among the hotels in your local or regional area.

Transparency matter and goes a long way whether you are building a hotel chain from the ground up, promoting a boutique hotel, or even promoting a local bed and breakfast to the nearby members of your own community.

Set Marketing Objectives and Goals

Setting marketing objectives and goals can help you to keep track of the success and/or failure of individual Facebook campaigns you launch for your hotel with the use of social media. Having marketing goals and objectives set in place also provides you with measurables and metrics that should be monitored at all times to keep track of where you are in the progression of each campaign.

Define Your Reach

Define who you want to reach with your upcoming FB campaign for your hotel. Are you looking to appeal to single adults, couples, or entire families who are traveling with children? What type of hotel is your hotel, and who will it appeal to most based on the aesthetic and accommodations you offer? If you need to track your demographics on Facebook you can use the Facebook Page Insights tool, for example:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

(Image Credit: Brandwatch)

What are You Promoting

What is it that you intend to promote with your hotel using Facebook? Are you looking for a way to boost your hotel website’s SEO, or are you simply looking to attract new guests to make reservations of their own? Do you want to establish an online presence that is authoritative and considered a valuable resource, or are you more interested in garnering a cult following of dedicated and committed guests?

Keywords and Trend Marketing

Spend time conducting keyword and trend marketing, especially in local regions if you have a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. Geo-targeting can help you to boost your website’s visibility within local search results in top search engines. Understanding the importance of keyword and trend marketing can also help you to maintain a relevant and interesting content strategy for your blog as well as for your hotel’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook.


What images will you use within your hotel FB campaign? Will you be using a variation of the same image with different campaigns to measure the success of each? What message are you attempting to convey with the photograph or other type of imagery you intend to use within the hotel FB campaign you are launching? Who is most likely to see the image(s) you are using within your FB hotel campaign, and how might it impact their view of your hotel and what your advertisement is promoting?

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Headlines and CTA

Choose the headline of your next upcoming FB ad campaign wisely. Use A/B testing to determine which messaging and copy translates best to your target audience based on each segmented audience group you are appealing to with Facebook Ads.

Select a CTA, or call-to-action that drives the highest CTR (clickthrough rate) to your website or intended landing page. Compare all headlines and CTAs you use in multiple campaigns with A/B testing.

A/B Testing

Launching the most successful and attracting FB campaign for your hotel is simply not possible without adequate A/B testing. A/B testing is a tool and process used by marketers to determine the overall trajectory and effectiveness of individual ads within campaigns for specific groups of users or purposes.

Use A/B testing to test which headlines, CTA (call-to-action), header image, or link(s) work best to drive traffic to your website. You can also use A/B testing to track other measurables and metrics, such as which campaign(s) work best to drive leads and completed reservations. For example:

How to Set Up the Most Attractive Hotel FB Campaign

(Image Credit: Website Design)

With A/B testing, determine the best course of action to take when it comes to selecting photos, graphics, and other types of imagery that are most likely to appeal to your target audience.

Use A/B testing to gauge which keywords and headers resonate most with the prospective guests you are trying to reach. A/B testing is often a key to truly understanding your audience and for further optimizing your FB campaigns for your hotel’s accommodations and specials in the future.

Creating the most attractive Facebook marketing for hotels does not require extensive marketing knowledge, experience, or social media expertise. Instead, simply understanding how to target hotel owners on Facebook as well as guests you intend to appeal to can help you to maximize your reach and ability to spread the word about your own hotel and the accommodations you have to offer.

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First off, we recommend you invest in promoted content and ads, which would improve your reach. Make sure you utilize Facebook’s demographics and target your campaign. Use Facebook Messenger as a way to enhance your guests’ service.

First, marketers can target Business Page admins, small business owners, or Facebook Page administrators.

On average, Facebook ads cost between $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions. Ad campaigns focused on earning likes or app downloads can expect to pay $1.07 per like and $5.47 per download.

Cost per click is much lower on Facebook than a Google ad campaign. Additionally, if you set up your campaign right, you will drive high quality clicks which are much more profitable.

Yes, Facebook has a feature where you can target a specific income level by U.S. zip code.


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