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A Complete Guide To Google Ads Conversion Tracking

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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A Complete Guide To Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Read time 13 min read
Google Ads conversion tracking

We can set-up and optimize your Google Ads for you but let’s also test your website’s SEO potential! While Diib helps 1000s of businesses grow with Google Ads management, Diib is also one of the best SEO tools in the world and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your free organic traffic and rankings. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Conversion Tracking Google Ads

You can run Google conversion tracking campaigns for clients with small to large businesses and for your own company. Your priority should be understanding Google Ads conversion tracking. You can maximize your results faster and reach your goals sooner by determining the impact of the market for your customers and measuring your qualified reach. Google offers a lot of solutions for tracking and measuring your ad campaign results. 

The key is determining which campaign combination or type best suits your needs. One of the most powerful tools available through Google Ads is conversion tracking. This enables you to determine how effectively your ad campaign generates important actions for your company including: 

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Email sign-ups
  • Downloads

Conversion tracking records all of this data so you can determine which parts of your campaign are not working and which are effective. This enables you to optimize your keywords, ad text and bid correctly. When your conversion is counted is dependent on your business. This is usually when a customer purchases your services or products through any of the following methods. 

  • Signs up for your newsletter
  • Downloads whitepaper or an app
  • Through your website
  • Fills out a contact form or online survey
  • Uses a mobile phone to call your phone number

You need to begin by identifying the consumer actions you intend to track as conversions. You can set up your conversion code Google ads and conversion tracking with just a few free and simple steps to run your campaign. 

Did you know? Top position ads have gotten 10 times more clicks than sidebar ads.

Set Up Conversion Tracking Google Ads

You will need to generate some HTML code for Google Ads to set up your conversion tracking. This is pasted onto the webpage your potential customers will visit once their conversion is complete. This can include a thank you for your email or an order confirmation. To begin, go to Google Ads, then click on the tab labeled Tools and Analytics. When you see the drop-down menu, select Conversions. You can then view the All Conversions page. 

Click on the tab labeled Conversions, then the button marked +Conversion. You can now create your conversion. You will receive a prompt to complete a form to help generate the correct HTML code for pasting onto your webpage. You need to name your conversion to track the number of times visitors complete the Contact Us form on your website. You now have numerous options to select your conversion source including:


If you want an action completed by customers on your webpage including page visit, contact form submission or online purchase, choose the webpage option. 

App Download

This option informs your customers to use their mobile device to call the number on your website. 

Call On-Site

This option also informs your customers to use their mobile device to call the number on your website. 

Below is a more detailed description of your three source options to set up conversion tracking Google Ads. 

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For example “www.diib.com”

Used by over 500k companies and organizations:

  • logo
  • logo
  • logo
  • logo

Syncs with Google Analytics

Link Building

Webpage Conversions

Select the most accurate category for conversion from the drop-down menu. Your choices include:

  • Purchase/Sale
  • Other
  • Lead
  • Signup
  • View Contact Us or key page

Even though the standard option is HTML, you still need to choose your markup language. You can contact your web developer to determine if another alternative is more appropriate including WML, XHTML and CHTML. This is very important for mobile sites. Now enter a value for your conversion. You can manually assign an amount such as 10 if you sell cat toys for $10 each. If you have numerous products and prices, you can record the values in your shopping cart through dynamic changes. 

Tracking Indicator

If the tracking indicator is enabled, your visitors will receive an unobtrusive message when visiting your website letting them know Google is tracking your site. You do not have to display this message and can opt-out by choosing not to add a notification to your code option. This option must be selected manually since the default is yes. You can use your own message to replace the standard and customize the appearance by changing the background color, language, text size and number of lines. 

The next page provides you with the HTML code you have to paste onto the specific page you are tracking your conversions for like a thank you for visiting page. If someone else handles your website, you will need to email them personalized instructions and your code. 

App Conversions

Android apps can be tracked by Google Ads using the Google Play store. To some degree, iOS apps can also be tracked using the Apple App Store. The iOS app tracker is unavailable for Google Display Network and Google Search campaigns. You can only track mobile apps serving ads using the Display Network. To set up Google ads conversion tracking for Android apps, you will be prompted to enter the Package Name. This information is located at the Google Play store on the app’s page. 

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Google Ads conversion tracking

(App Conversion Rates,uplandsoftware.com) 

Begin by copying the URL. You will find the package number before the feature string and after the details string. The Package Name will be highlighted in yellow. This information needs to be cut and pasted into the Package Name box text. To conduct a test to be certain it is working, click on the link titled View in Android Market. You should be directed to the page for the app on Google Play. If you entered the information incorrectly, you will receive an error message or page not found.

You do not need to include any additional code or copy and paste more information. You will need to allow approximately 24 hours for your Android app conversion to begin tracking. 

Call On-Site Conversions

Conversion tracking is a good option if customers can call a business phone number on your website directly from their mobile device. You can track how many times per day a call is placed. Use the steps previously detailed to generate your code. On-click HTML tags must be inserted manually into the code you receive from Google. Delete the click stage phone number, then replace it with yours. Replace the Call now text with what you want to use. 

Buttons can also be used with on-click tags by deleting the sample phone number and entering yours. Now replace the Call Now Link with your customized GIF image including your GIF file name. Lastly, replace the sample phone number with yours. 

Google Ads conversion tracking

(Call on Site Conversion Set Up, searchengineland.com)

Analyzing Google Conversion Tracking

Your conversion information is available through the Campaign tabs for keyword levels and ad group ads. Click on the tab market Columns, then Conversions. You can now customize the columns appearing. The standard columns include:

Each click is counted when a minimum of one conversion is received from a single ad-click. This number can be used to determine approximately how many new customers you have received. 

Conv. Rate

Your click percentage resulting in conversions is displayed. A higher percentage indicates your keywords and ads are performing effectively. 


Your cost for clicks is displayed and divided according to your total conversions. This enables the measurement of your ROI or return on investment. You should be earning more for conversions than you are spending on clicks. 

View-Through Conv.

This is a measurement of how many times a customer viewed your ad without clicking but converted later. 

Advanced Options for Google Ads Conversion Tracking

You can track conversions you obtained through a website shopping cart. When you set the value of purchases manually, you need to use the Google Ads basic tracking code you received then use additional code for modifications. Your modifications must be unique for your specific eCommerce platform including PayPal and eBay. There are variations for every site so you should read the specific help files for your eCommerce platform. 

Unless you have a working knowledge of HTML and web programming, this is not recommended. When you set everything up correctly, you will receive the value statistic for any conversion including cost per click and conversion value. This is a reflection of the products you have sold, not a static value. 

Google Ads conversion tracking

(Google Ads Conversion Tracking, wordstream.com)

Google Adwords Tracking Advanced Conversion Settings

Call On-Site and Website conversions are available by opening Advanced Settings. The window option for view-through conversions tracks consumers that saw your ad but did not click then visit your site later on and convert. This means the consumer was most likely influenced by your ad and returned later. This option can be set for tracking the specific length of time between viewing your ad and making a purchase. You can customize this time or choose from one to 30 days. 

When Search deduplication is enabled, no single conversion will be counted more than once as both a click-through conversion and a view-through conversion. A good example is when a consumer views a Display Network ad prior to clicking on text prior to making a conversion. When you enable this feature, your customer will be considered a click-through conversion. 

Setting Up the Conversion Optimizer for Google AdWords Tracking

The setting for ad rotation is set for click optimization by default. This means the ads served by Google Ads are most likely to receive a click-through. This setting can be changed when you track conversions for better optimization. This means your ads most likely to convert are served more frequently. You can change your setting by going to your Settings tab. Scroll until you reach the section titled Advanced Settings. 

Click on Ad delivery: Ad Rotation. Find Optimize for Conversions on the drop-down menu, select and then click on Save. You will find EDIT Settings by going back to your Conversions tab. This enables the conversion bid metric to be changed. The Conversion Optimizer will know whether to focus on numerous per-click conversions or one per-click conversion. 

Did you know? Campaigns that use the conversion optimizer perform 21% better than without the optimizer.

Google Ads conversion tracking

(Adwords Conversion Optimizer, PPC Hero)

Using Search Funnels to Analyze Your Conversion Data

Once you have been running conversion tracking for a few weeks, Search Funnel analytics can be used for detailed data tracking conversions including how many times your ad was viewed prior to conversion and the time between when your ad was originally clicked and the conversion took place. You can use Search Funnels by going to Tools and Analytics, then clicking on Conversions. Look in the bottom left corner of your window to find Search Funnels, then click. 

You can gain important insights by analyzing this data to determine the behavior of customers on your website such as the time elapsed once your ad was initially clicked until the conversion was completed and the number of times your ad was viewed prior to conversion. 

Troubleshooting Google Adwords Tracking

The most common issues with conversion tracking Google ads are detailed below along with potential solutions. 

Your Data is Not 100 Percent Accurate

Your conversion tracking will not work if the consumer did not enable cookies for their browser when clicking on your ad and converting. The majority of consumers have their cookies turned on while browsing the web. If you decided the Tracking Indicator should be displayed on your site, your visitors can disable cookies for conversion tracking. If any of the Google Ads conversion settings are changed, the code will be altered. You will need to paste a new code. 

No Data in Conversion Columns

You need to allow a maximum of 24 hours to see Google Ads conversion data. If you do not have any data after this time, you might not have any conversions. You can test the process by simulating a conversion by clicking on your ad and performing the required actions. If you do not see your conversion after 24 hours, make certain you installed the HTML code correctly. You might need to move your code to another section of your page or install a plugin. 

Google Ads conversion tracking

(Google Ads Conversion Tracking, help.piwik.pro)

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Campaign is Receiving Numerous Clicks and Few Conversions

If you are receiving a few conversions with a lot of clicks, your return on investment might be weak. This means the cost of your ads is greater than what you are earning through your conversions. You can most likely determine the reasons potential customers are not converting after visiting your website by reviewing your Search Funnel data, keywords and ad text. The issue can include:

  • Your landing page is not appealing
  • Your website text makes navigation for potential customers difficult to reach your conversion page.
  • Your keyword and ads have false expectations regarding your product not delivered by your website. A good example is an ad appearing when a search is conducted for cheap jewelry leading to a website selling expensive earrings, necklaces and rings. 

Try to think along the same lines as your potential customers to determine why your clicks do not lead to conversions. 

Why Measurement for Conversion Tracking Google Ads Matters

In the past, you had no way to know if you were wasting money on advertising. This has changed due to the development of conversion tracking for all of your digital advertising. There are multiple actions available to determine if the money you are spending on Google Ads is worth your investment. This includes:

  • Your total conversions including your clickthrough rate and number of clicks
  • The number of phone calls generated by your ad
  • Your total revenue

Top marketers all over the world recognize the opportunities available by leveraging the data for conversion tracking. Even if you are running a campaign for a small advertiser or have a small business, this data is extremely important to increase your conversion rate. Since your business is driven by data, you can drive your results to help ensure both success and growth through a combination of available data sources. 

Google Ads conversion tracking

(Adwords Dashboard, Octoboard)

This can be accomplished regardless of your ad budget. Once you have decided to make an investment in Google Ads, understanding the performance of your campaign is extremely important. The growth of your business is enabled by measurements. Modern customers are demanding, impatient and curious. You need to fulfill these needs to succeed. You can use measurement to grow your business by taking advantage of this trend. Measurement makes it possible to:

  • Measure what is most important including a clear definition of client value KPIs
  • Gain critical insights through data
  • Use your insights
  • Gain the ability for leveraging machine learning through the conversion journey 
  • Understand media performance through the customer journey after running Google Ads
  • Obtain value for small or large budgets
  • Consistently receive relevant and correct data
  • Use scarce resources for marketing optimally
  • Take action to drive your data
  • Make certain you have stakeholder trust for joined resources and data reliability
  • Maximize lifetime value by finding important customers and new prospects
  • Understand how much you are spending on marketing for the customer journey

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