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How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


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How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

Read time 14 min read
How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Images play a vital role in capturing people’s attention online. It increases your audience engagement, helps you build a brand, and increases sales if adequately managed. This is why having quality images is essential for the success of your page. However, images can land a business in trouble, especially if you do not have the authorization to use them.

You may be fined or have your page deleted and your website taken down if you use an image without consent. This makes it extremely important to focus on getting free images for Facebook posts to ensure you are not sued or fined while staying within your budget.

Free stock images for Facebook mean you get access to quality images without having to pay heavily for them. This article covers different sites, and you can use it to access quality images and develop your page to attract more people. Some of the areas you can use to get free pictures on Facebook include;


Unsplash offers quality high-resolution images. For the past three years since its existence, it boasts about 850,000 images free to the public. Using their photos, you get access to quality free images to engage your guests and have a healthy online engagement. The site allows you to filter images by famous photographers or selected categories such as abstract, Christmas, or fall.

Their wide variety gives them a chance to serve a broader market, making them ideal for many online businesses. This, coupled with the fact that their free Facebook images are better than some paid stock image sites, makes them ideal for both startups and established businesses as purchasing pictures and photos can be extremely expensive.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook


Pixabay is a unique platform that gives you access to a wide variety of talented creatives who share images and videos you can use without the fear of royalty duty or taxes. They have a wide variety of free photos for Facebook posts that will see you spoilt for choice. Due to it being open to a wide variety of creatives, you have access to different photography styles enabling you to choose the ones that resonate with your style. You can access images, short films, and videos, among others, helping you get access to free quality content.

You can thus build a diverse Facebook site or website without worrying about blowing your budget. The site images are placed under creative commons zero (CCO), meaning you can further customize them and modify them and use them commercially. If you are a freelance online content creator or graphics designer, this is an excellent deal that will ease your work, helping you meet client deadlines while protecting your work integrity. It also enables you to access free images for Facebook posts you can modify and sell to help grow your brand or update your site with unique personalized images.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

IM free

IM Free is not just unique for its free images, but it also has a wide variety of free templates, icons, and button makers, among others. Thus, IM free can be used not only to access free stock images for Facebook but to customize your page, helping you build unique traffic and capture the attention of your guests. Its wide variety of free tools makes it ideal for those building their Facebook business pages as you can tastefully customize your page and make it reflect your business ideologies.

It also provides free web design resources making it ideal for building websites and maintaining them. Their images are well organized, making it easy to access the photos you need under the various categories available. You can also explore the different types ensuring your pages get fresh content often. Using this site, you are assured of getting enough content for your page, keeping your audience engaged.

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds!

Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.

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Pexels offers a wide variety of high-resolution images ideal for graphic designers and normal Facebook users. Its vast database provides you with access to unique ideas removing the worry of breaking any copyright laws. It also has well-organized categories that make it easy to find the type of images that will fit your needs. They also come in larger sizes, making it easy for any print campaign you may need to hold. You can also minimize this on Photoshop and simultaneously have an online campaign, increasing your campaign’s impact.

It also allows you to create commercial ads and unique Facebook ads for both suggested posts and promoted content. Pexels draws images from a community of photographers and digital creatives. It also puts together images from other free sites such as Pixabay and Gratisography, enriching its database with a wide variety of free photos, making it one of the ideal platforms to get Facebook free stock photos.


Burst, powered by Shopify, is a free stock photos platform that offers high-quality images to the public. Burst was created to promote inclusivity and allow Shopify to reach a broader market by having an open platform that provides high-quality images to its users.

The website was built from internal photo shoots carried out by Shopify to provide unique and captivating images. They also collaborated with other platforms such as Hootsuite to get high-quality photos. Burst images can be used for personal and commercial purposes, making them ideal for many people online. It is among the best sites for free images for Facebook.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

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Picjumbo was launched in 2013. Since its inception, Picjumbo has enjoyed more than 2 million downloads due to the availability of high-resolution images from the site. It offers Facebook free stock photos providing you an extensive catalog to choose from.

The site was developed by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek to provide sleek and professional photos. His consistent work and high-resolution image content have seen Picjumbo join the most sought-after free image site. The images are copyright free for personal and commercial purposes and have no watermark making them easy to customize and modify.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

New old stock

New old stock provides unique images to its users, allowing you to take your audience back in time. The site offers vintage photos suitable for throwback pieces, blog posts on history, and past related pieces. Most people love New old stock due to its comprehensive collection of both colored and black and white images taken in recent times.

If you want to talk about a topic in the past, this is the most efficient way to pass the message to your audience quickly. However, you need to note that black and white images may not promptly capture the attention of your audience. Thus, you should add captivating and colorful short sentences or captions to give your photos the attention it deserves.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is one of those to go to because of its comprehensive database. The free images on this site are donated by talented photographers worldwide, providing you access to thousands of photos to suit your needs. The images are also regularly updated, making them ideal for consistent quality work.

Due to different photographers donating their work, you can get pictures on various ethnic topics, professional fields, and abstract photos, making it inclusive and ideal for comprehensive campaigns that need multiple images. Its vast database also makes it great to experiment and try new things, giving room for creatives to grow and establish their brands.


FreeImages have a wide variety of Facebook stock images. The platform boasts a collection of illustrations and photographs, providing you with options to select from.

The site has high-resolution images and offers close to four hundred thousand photos you can use for your work. The balance of nature, outdoor photography, and illustrations allows you to get a variety of Facebook stock images, allowing you to transform your online social media site into an attractive marketplace and inspiration corner.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook


The FreePhotosBank offers various images that range from design, art, architecture, engineering, and technological backgrounds. Some have faulted the site for having some unimpressive quality images. However, if you spend some time going through the site, you will likely find many gems people don’t take time looking for. The key to using this site is having some patience as the various categories will ensure you do not spend too long trying to find the perfect image for your Facebook account.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a search engine that enables users to find free high-quality images on different search engines. The platform allows you to search and identify pictures from Google images and flicker among other independent organizations widening the image quality you enjoy. Its ability to find the type of illustrations you want by writing its characteristic makes it ideal, especially for designers who manage several Facebook accounts.

It gives you a chance to identify images you can use faster on different platforms available. You can also modify these images for commercial purposes to have customized images ideal for your online campaign.

Focus fitness

Getting images that drive the message of health and fitness home can be challenging. Especially because pictures of people in sporting activities need them to wear sporty clothes that are more revealing. Focus Fitness provides you with various health and fitness photos to see you pass the message to your audience without giving credit to the photographer or model. This protects you from being sued and provides you with relatable images that will help you make authentic content your audience can relate to.

Focus Fitness provides a wide variety of free Facebook images making it easy for people with health and fitness Facebook pages. Especially at this time when more individuals are getting into the fitness world and building their brands. Having captivating and realistic pictures is likely to sell your brand by making people relate to it and form an attachment to your brand. The images on this site can also be used on related platforms to attract your audience.


Reshot has a collection of unique images taken from talented photographers who aim to deliver high quality and unique images. Their photographers focus on getting unique content, making it ideal for getting unique free photos for your Facebook page.

You can further customize these images and add your personal touch giving you a chance to build something authentic and unique. The community of photographers delivers images that will not only transform your Facebook page but can be used across your different social media platforms and web pages.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook


StockVault hosts the works of designers, students, and photographers across the world. Their partnership with a wide variety of experts provides them with an extensive database of unique but efficient content. You will not be disappointed by their work quality no matter which field you need making it one of the ideal places to get free images for your Facebook campaigns and adverts. Their free image section boasts over thirty-five thousand high-resolution images a download away, making your work fast and easy.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook


NegativeSpace platform provides high-resolution images that capture business, people, technology, and food images. The platform has a wide variety of excellent photos that will make your work easy. Coupled with its ability to find pictures using position color or photography, you are likely to easily navigate your way through the site and see what you need to help your Facebook page stand out without inviting penalties or fines. The photos on this platform are not only clear but edgy and fun. They offer a new intense outlook to the creative world, enabling you to access free images that will positively pass your message and help you grow your brand.

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The Gratisography site was founded and created by Ryan McGuire. The site is loved for its high-resolution images and consistent flow of new pictures since it’s updated weekly. You can therefore enjoy the latest photos enabling you to make your site stand out. Its frequent update also provides a wide variety of images helping you get access to high-resolution duty-free images.

It is essential to notice that McGuire focuses not only on capturing images but also on creating fun, creative content, making his work ideal for many audiences. From animation to high-resolution outdoor photos, this site provides images ideal for personalized Facebook business accounts enabling startups and developing businesses to furnish their accounts with unique images that work to help build their online presence.


The unique thing about this platform is its ability to allow you to choose your image’s color scheme. It comes with a color pallet that enables you to choose the perfect fit that will blend seamlessly with your content. Kaboompics provides access to unique high-resolution images. The photos on this platform are professional. They also focus on the aesthetic part to produce fun, creative ideas for creatives and graphic designers on Facebook.

Kaboompics images can be further customized and personalized to help you deliver commercial pictures or improve your personal Facebook page by having well thought out quality images to accompany your content. The images are also very modern and bright, making them appealing for the current online space looking for trendy and updated high-resolution photos.


FancyCrave is a unique website that focuses on producing high-quality images and telling stories through photos. The platform delivers emotionally engaging images that seek to tell a story and pass a message to its audience.

It focuses more on travel photography, making it ideal for nature content, travel Facebook clips, outdoor and travel-related content. Its ability to get a wide variety of travel and nature content makes it suitable as the field has a limited number of professional images to pass a message. Also, its specificity makes it easy for visitors to find what works best for their Facebook pages.

The photos are also characteristically vibrant and warm, appealing to the human inside. These characteristics make them ideal for tourism, hotel, and travel agency advertisements providing you with relatable outdoor photos that are likely to inspire people to visit different places or want to spend more time traveling. Their ability to appeal to the emotional side of a person makes them unique.

How to Get the Best Free Images for Facebook


RawPixel focuses on having diverse high-resolution images. Their primary focus is to photograph people from every nation in the world under their initiative called the one-world face project. However, apart from this collection, the site has a wide variety of vast images that are ideal for running different Facebook campaigns simultaneously. RawPixel compiles experienced photographers from across the world passionate about delivering high-quality images that can benefit the online space and pass quality messages through its excellent free image library.


As the name suggests, FoodiesFeed focuses on providing high-resolution images of food to represent different cultures and food from across the world. This platform aims to revolutionize the food industry online by delivering high-resolution food images people can use to advertise their businesses online or pass food-related photos. Their collection shows they are succeeding in the field, making them unique and highly sought after in this field.

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