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Facebook Video Ad Creator: Tips From Industry Pro’s!

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


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Facebook Video Ad Creator: Tips From Industry Pro’s!

Read time 6 min read
Facebook Video Ad Creator

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

In modern society, marketing techniques have changed. Nowadays, online advertising methods have proved more efficient and effective in promoting brands and products. Online advertisement has increased sales by up to over 400% compared to traditional promotion forms.

Businesses are reaping big profits using the online platforms of advertisements. Most online conversions are directly attributed to social media platforms. These are digital interaction applications that allow users to share ideas, information, or express their opinion on different topics.

Statistics indicate that Facebook is the most dominant social media platform, with over 2.5 billion active users every month. Thus, out of the average 3.8 billion social media users, two in three are active on Facebook. Companies have realized this, and regardless of their choice of social media platforms for advertisements, Facebook must have.

The most effective form of marketing creates and maintains your brand awareness. Video ads are the most effective tools in attaining this goal. Video ads reduce blurb and fluff, ensuring maximum visual engagement with your audience.

Due to the popularity and effectiveness of conveying messages, video ads’ quality plays a considerable role in attaining your goals. There is now a rise in the tools that help you create better and catchy video ads. The Facebook video ad creator is the best tool for Facebook’s video advertisements.

You have likely stumbled on a video ad that left you wondering how they create such a beautiful ad. The answer is using Facebook video ads. Whether you are experienced or a beginner in creating videos, having a few tricks to make amazing videos is always helpful.

In addition to using the Facebook video ad generator and the video creator for Facebook ads to build videos, here are tips and best practices that will help you make captivating and beautiful videos on the Facebook ad video maker.


  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.
  • 79% of video marketers use Facebook as a video marketing channel.
  • Live video is the third most-used social media marketing tactic.


Use Square Video Format

The use of video is among the most effective ways of reaching out to your audience and getting them to interact with your content over social media. The current algorithms have been updated to accommodate push videos giving them an upper hand over pictures and texts.

Over time, the number of people watching videos on Facebook is increasing. There is an expectation of growth that will see this trend move towards a steady upward trajectory. This process will result from the massive migration from desktop views to mobile views.

The highest percentage of Facebook users are millennials who are spending more time on social media than watching the television. As such, it is essential to understand which mode or channel your audience prefers.

The square videos have a design that allows them to fill your newsfeed when you view them from a mobile device. The users find this thrilling and better experience compared to the older landscapes. Square videos are more likely to get comments, likes, and more shares on Facebook.

Video creator for facebook ads allows you to create Facebook ads with a good landscape, such as the square video format, helping you gain viewers. However, this technique is underused. Here is an example of a square video ad:

Facebook Video Ad Creator

(Image Credit: Rocketium)

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Add Captions

Research indicates 85% of videos watched on Facebook are muted. Most of the users are annoyed or get agitated with sound. Many people access social media platforms while on transit and leisure. For privacy purposes, video ads need to be muted to avoid being a nuisance, especially in public places.

About 460 million people worldwide have significant hearing loss, which is a large number of potential customers. Creating a video that helps them follow through and understand the video contents’ details is essential.

Captions are essential for consumers to understand you while the video plays with no sound. Video captions are texts displayed simultaneously with the sound on the video. There are two main ways of adding text in a video: open captions or closed captions. The available captions (OC) are permanently visible on the video. For example:

Facebook Video Ad Creator

On the other hand, closed captions (CC) are text added to the video with a toggle embedded into it for switching them on or off. Using the Facebook ad video maker, you should use the closed caption option. CC allows the users to add or remove the captions at will. Thus you can hit two birds with a single stone.

First, some people can clearly understand what you are saying but do not need to hear the sound. Secondly, it is easy for people who do not have a firm grasp of the language you are using to follow through. Adding text to your video improves the listeners’ attention, and Captions will also help you reach many people in organic search. Facebook video ad generator is an easy tool to add captions due to artificial intelligence usage.

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds!

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Link Building

Include a Call to Action

The main agenda of any video ad is to have more customers, subscribers, and engagements. A good video must answer the question of so what? A memorable video should direct the users on what to do after watching. The video should never leave their audience hanging.

A call-to-action (CTA) is the most critical aspect of your video. Your video’s success or failure depends on it, and that is why you need to do it right. The CTA used should match the content of your video. It is absurd to direct your viewers to follow you on social media while the video is aimed at promoting a product.

In this instance, the right CTA is to lead viewers where they can buy the product. There is a more significant and logical impact when the CTA is aligned and the video’s message. Facebook video ads should be precise and to the point, and so should your CTA.

Placing the CTA in your video’s early minutes is vital due to shrinking audience attention with time. The CTAs need to be enticing and less verbiage for faster engagement with the viewers. The best Facebook video ad creator should allow you to embed a clickable link to your video.

Including a link to your video makes it easy for the viewers to get engaged without having to do another search to find the exact link. A good creator will allow your CTAs to be mobile-friendly. Approximately 98.3% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile phone. For this reason, your CTA should be useful on mobile devices.

Your CTA should be the most prominent part of your video. It should be more highlighted and easily visible, and clickable. Having reasonably more prominent text with contrasting backgrounds allows your viewers to access it quickly. An arrow showing the link to your CTA helps viewers spend a minimum amount of time looking for the link. The image below shows a CTA in a video ad:

Facebook Video Ad Creator

(Image Credit: Digital Marketing)

Add a Pop of Color

The aim of making a video ad is to pass across a message about your product. While creating the video, you want to ensure that your audience enjoys and grasp the news and that it will be compelling enough and make the audience purchase the product.

To ensure that your video captivates the audience, the use of colors is very crucial. It enhances storytelling, transitions and gives the footage a wow factor. The human brain associates certain colors with specific roles and images. Using the psychology of color to market and produce content will more often pay.

The best Facebook video ad creator allows you to incorporate colors naturally and in multiple ways. You can add colors in your props, the background, or the clothes that will appear on camera. The most recognized use of color and one that seems highly effective is adding filter effects during post production.

These colored filters add emotion to the action hence appealing to the audience. The effect of color brings out the beauty of a video. One of the most significant advantages of using color is that it hides any inconsistencies and mistakes brought about by lighting.

The use of colors adds to an ad’s structure, allowing it to draw attention and make it unique and outstanding from other ads. Finally, color helps you draw your focus towards the target audience. Different colors appeal to other people.

The colors allow you to know your target audience and know what color effects to apply to make the ads better and more appealing. For instance, if your target audience is the female gender, you are more likely to get a positive response in the videos if you apply bright colors. The video ad below ads a pop of color the exact shade of the brands logo, they do this in each of their advertisements:

Facebook Video Ad Creator


Facebook video ad creator allows individuals and companies to market themselves and gain exposure through video ads. However, a brand’s influence can reduce or increase based on consumer trust.

The market is hungry for impartial knowledge, and one they can fully trust. This kind of information will determine whether the audience will play your video or skip it.

Credibility refers to the confidence the consumers have in a brand—the ability to trust that a brand will deliver a promise. One way an audience gauges the credibility of a brand is through its expertise in a field.

When you have decided to make a Facebook video ad, ensure that you have spent ample time researching. To establish authority, you have to be an expert in your niche, and people will want to listen and watch you even more.

Include genuine recommendations as they communicate to your audience, and they can tell whether you are honest or sly. How you represent your brand online must be congruent with how you behave, your social profile, and your talks.

If your audience notices some disparities in your discussions and actions, they are likely to question your authenticity. Consistency will help you in the marketing game and build trust among your audience and clients.

It creates a sense of being reliable and available. When it comes to consistency, it refers to the number of times you are present online and whether your social media platforms depict a similar pattern.

Make your video interactive by asking for feedback from your audience. Additionally, enable the commenting and sharing buttons and invite people to ask questions.

FACT: 43% of video marketers say video has reduced the number of support calls they’ve received. (HubSpot)

Use Logical and Emotional Appeal

A video appeal is a specific message component that resonates with your target audience. There are emotional and logical appeals when creating a video. Finding the right blend and optimal balance between the two allows your videos to be more persuasive and compelling.

An emotional appeal calls on your audience’s feelings and sympathies. Messages centered on emotional appeal give consumers a positive sense about using the products, services, or equipment advertised. Dynamic content provides a sense of belonging, fulfillment, security, comfort, happiness, and social approval.

The logical appeal calls on facts, figures, rational arguments, reasoning, and evidence. The primary approach is to make a claim based on rational arguments supported by substantial evidence. Persuasive business messages aiming to return on investment and productivity heavily rely on the logical appeal.

Achieving the optimal balance is dependent on your target audience. Making ads with the target for business partners and investors may require more logical appeal than emotional. On the contrary, if you are marketing services such as body massage, you may need to evoke more emotional appeal to your advertisement than logical appeal.

Emotions are mostly overused because, by nature, emotions overrule logic. However, using emotions only is not sufficient. People want to know why they will feel better or have reduced stress after taking the actions recommended by your video.

It is always important to note that even with the most logical proposals, people want to feel good about the decision you ask them to make. It is thus recommended that you add emotional aspects to the message.

FACT: Eighty percent of the decisions we make on a day to day basis are based on emotion.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Create and Utilize Social Proof

Human beings turn for help and advice from other people on what they should do if they are unsure about handling a given situation. In simple terms, they apply social proof.

Social proof is a psychological occurrence that refers to human beings coping behaviors or actions from others who have previously or are currently in the same situation to achieve desired results. This phenomenon can help increase revenue in a business.

When creating Facebook video ads, ensure that there are similarities from existing clients that draw prospective customers’ attention. People are drawn to what they relate to will make your video catchy.

Get your users to give testimonials and ratings as it creates a positive psychological response, and people are more likely to look out for your brand and engage with you. As you collect positive feedback from customers, both previous and existing, ensure that you promote these testimonials on your video ad. For instance:

Facebook Video Ad Creator

(Image Credit: SegMetrics)

There are various methods of social proof. As a marketer or individual into Facebook video ads, you can use one or a combination of the following ways:

  • Expert social proof– Get an expert to try out your products and give a review. Have them recommend your brand to users. They can do this by mentioning your name or tagging your brand on a social media site.
  • Celebrity or influencer social proof– Stars have a huge following, and you can pay them to endorse your products.
  • The user social proof– Where large numbers of people love and recommend your brand to others. When your brand evolves to a household name, you will begin to experience a massive following on your social media sites. Also, your products are generally accepted among a vast number of people.
  • Certification– This kind of social proof occurs when an established authority in your niche stamps your products and approves them for the market.
  • Social proof from friends– It works the same as user social proof. People see their friends using a given product. They are then more likely to trust the service or product and use it.

Add a Title and Description

Just as we use a name to identify a person, a title is used in determining a video. People want to know what your video is about before watching it. A title helps users identify the content you are offering without consuming much time. For example:

Facebook Video Ad Creator

(Image Credit: Social Media Examiner)

The Facebook algorithm adds more weight in ranking videos. To achieve this, it requires titles to produce an optimized organic search. Facebook video Ad creator free tools such as Invideo and Crello help you with suggestions of catchy titles for your video.

The title should be short and contain the keyword for better visibility during a search. The keyword should appear before the first 30 characters due to Facebook clipping. Your videos need to describe what it is all about to your audience. The text should be intriguing and add an appropriate CTA link to it.

Evaluate your Videos

Getting feedback from your previous and current videos helps you understand their performance. Facebook video ad creator free software such as Magisto and Animaker enables you to track your video analytics.

Acquiring insights from your video helps you understand your video’s engagement rate.

Metrics of the average watch time help you to make better content. The ten-second view data allows you to gauge the drop-off of your audience. The engagement rate enables you to determine your videos’ effectiveness in online conversions.

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Here are the steps to create a video in Ads Manager:

  • Go to the Ads Manager.
  • Click + Create.
  • Choose an objective that supports video and then click Continue.
  • Choose your audience, placements and optimization and then click Continue.
  • In the Format section, click Carousel or Single Image or Video.
  • Upload your video in Ads Manager.

You should only upload videos you have created or for which you have permission from the copyright owner. And make sure you always include a share link.

As attention spans are getting smaller by the year, your Facebook ads should be short and sweet. For in-stream video ads (ads placed before or during other video content), Facebook themselves recommend a length of 5-15 seconds. You can, however, go right up to the 31 second limit.

Only the preview image has to follow the image text rules, which means, because Facebook optimizes for video, you can use as much text as you want throughout your video.

Yes, they are! Facebook video ads get two times more clicks than non-video ads. Not only that, they allow you to get more creative in your approach and show the personality of your brand more effectively. Facebook video ads are one of the most effective formats marketers have at their disposal.


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