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How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

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How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

Read time 12 min read
How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


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What is a Facebook review?

A review refers to an analysis of a product, book, movie, or person’s work to give the general public more insight into the issue or product. Reviews point out the outstanding parts of what they are reviewing, like its strengths and weaknesses. They also play a vital role in providing a general view of the product or service. Reviews can range from a single comment, a paragraph, or several pages depending on what is being reviewed and whether you need an overview review or in-depth analysis.

Reviews are a way of people who have used a product or service giving their first hand experience of their impression of the product, whether they loved it and whether they would recommend the product to others. When trying to answer the question of how do Facebook reviews work, it is essential to know what it entails and what to expect.

Facebook business reviews include testimonials from clients and customers giving feedback on how they found the service offered to them or what they liked and didn’t like about a product. Facebook business reviews can be in a written format or a short video with people showing how they use a product and what they liked or didn’t like about it. Here is just one example of a Facebook review:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

(Image Credit: Impactiv8)

How do Facebook reviews work?

Facebook business reviews play a critical role in marketing your company. To understand how to review a company on Facebook, it is essential to know how to set up your review section. The following section provides step by step guidance on how to set up your business’ Facebook Reviews page;

  • On your Facebook page, click on “settings” and go to the manage page section.
  • On the new pop up that appears click on the “templates and tabs” section.
  • Change the reviews section to ON.

Ensure that your review section is accessible to the public. Make it easy for them to leave comments by changing its location or changing the order to bring it higher in the list.

Facebook reviews have also experienced a lot of change over the years and come in different forms. You can opt to use a star rating that makes it easy to see at a glance what your clients think of your product/service. The star rating ranges from 1-5, with one being very bad, three average, and five being excellent service. By having this breakdown, it is essential to know which clients were pleased with your service. It also influences your general rating by giving you feedback on what clients think of your business or service.

However, in recent times, when handling the topic how do you get reviews on Facebook, most people focus on asking a question such as “Do you recommend ______”  (Image Below). Through a yes or no response, the person can give more information on why they like or do not like the company. By using this tactic, most businesses have been able to get prompt and accurate feedback that promotes their business and allows them to better serve their clients by knowing where they are scoring poorly.

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

How to ask for a review

A positive review is vital, especially for a Facebook business page. 19% of the reviews a business receives are channeled through Facebook. This, coupled with the number of people on the platform, makes it essential for the business’s success. The following are some of the most popular ways to ask for a review;

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a. Identify the right moment to ask

Knowing the right time to ask for a client review is essential in getting positive reviews because getting the time wrong may mean getting a bad or negative review. Some of the things you can use to know the right time to ask for a review include;

  • When the buyer comes back to repurchase a product or reorders for a service.
  • When a client tags you on Facebook or other social media handles — happy with your product.
  • The client experiences success with your product or expresses satisfaction with your service.
  • If you notice them spending more time on your website ordering other products or services.
  • When the client refers other customers to your page.

The above are ideal situations that will see you get conclusive and positive reviews that attract more people to your site. It is also essential to note that different products and services have different timelines to ask for a review. For example, if you offer wedding events or car services, the feedback may be immediate once the client experiences the event, meaning you can get feedback almost instantly.

However, if you sell beauty products or other health care products that people use over time, it is essential to wait until the person sees the results or experiences the change they want to see before asking for a review. This act ensures you do not just get nice words about your products but can be attached with images making the review work in favor of your business.

b. Choose a communication method that works for you

Depending on your business’s size and nature, getting reviews often should be a priority to ensure potential clients can read updated reviews. More reviews also mean that more people are buying from you, and you can capitalize on the FOMO phobia to see you sell more through positive reviews. To ensure you get positive reviews often, it is essential to;

  • Train your team on how and when to ask for reviews to ensure a steady flow of reviews to your Facebook page.
  • Identify happy clients and develop a relationship with them to have you get more reviews. When a customer receives a product or service, it is essential to ask them if they were happy with the service. If it’s a yes, asking them for feedback is necessary to grow your review list.
  • Place a review link as the last option on your checkout area or confirmation emails to give your clients a chance of leaving feedback if happy with the service.
  • Use your email marketing campaign as a platform to ask for reviews from happy clients. By ensuring that every client who receives an email from your company gets a chance to leave a review, you stand high chances of getting quality reviews, often helping you leverage on latest reviews.
  • Having newer reviews makes your products or service more relatable it also ensures that people are likely to relate to what people are saying. They don’t feel like the information is outdated. This directly forms their image of your brand, making them want to be associated with it.

c. Ask in person

Sometimes what you need to do to get reviews is professionally ask the client in person. Whether you are serving as a sales executive or customer service representative, it is essential to ask your client base ‘please add reviews to my Facebook page’. By having a relationship with your clients and continually checking on them, you are likely to pinpoint those who are extremely happy with your product and would like to try them out again.

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By getting clients’ feedback, you can then ask them if they would like to leave a review to increase your clientele and have more people enjoy the services they are receiving. It is essential to start with clients you already have a rapport with who are loyal and lean towards your business or product. They will not only leave reviews but will have authentic positive things to say about your business, helping you connect to more customers online.

d. Maximize on customers’ happiness

Have you ever delivered a service to a customer, and they were overjoyed and coundn’t stop thanking you? Well, this is the ideal opportunity to ask for a review and maximize their satisfaction with your service or product. By accomplishing fast deliveries, excellent customer service, and quality service that captures the client’s attention, they are likely to sing your praises and give you positive feedback. So, the next time a client voices their satisfaction, use this opportunity to convince them to leave a review.

e. Start with open-ended questions

Open-ended questions play an important role in helping you get customer feedback while soliciting Facebook reviews, instead of directly asking a customer for a review without knowing if they had a good experience or not. Start by using open-ended questions that ask them whether your product is serving them well or enjoying the customer service they received. Such questions will help you know where the customer stands and enable you to get positive reviews from those who were happy with your service. Here is an example of an open ended question for a review:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

This will also help you identify clients who were not satisfied with your business and to potentially give you a chance to make things right. You can offer them a free consultation for their next visit, a free delivery or have a subsidized price for their next purchase. These acts will help them regain confidence in your business enabling you to increase your review database.

f. Make the process easy

Customers are less likely to give you a review if the process is cumbersome or have so many clicks to reach the required page review. Thus, it is essential to let them choose where they would like to leave their review to make it easy. For example, allow them to text, email, or post directly on the page to make the process fast and easy. For example, Amazon lets you review your experience right in your email:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

You should also ensure that if you send a link, then the link lands them directly to the review page. This not only shortens the process but makes it fast, making them want to leave their reviews every time they interact with your product or service.

g. Place a timeline to the question

Letting your client know how long it will take for them to leave a review helps them form a mental picture, making it easy for you to get positive reviews. If your review needs the customer to fill a form, ensure they know this beforehand and place a timeline on it. For example, it will only take one or five minutes. This ensures they only start the process if they are sure they will finish giving their reviews and help you get consistent feedback rather than having them fill the review in bits. It also mentally prepares them for the process allowing them to focus on your product, influencing the review’s quality.

By knowing how to ask for reviews, you can maximize on how to get positive reviews for your Facebook account. The next section identifies some tips that will broaden your search for reviews and help you get positive reviews. So, how do you get reviews on Facebook?

Tips to increase positive FB reviews

a. Create different spaces to leave reviews

One of the helpful ways on how to review a company on Facebook is in diversification on the review platform. Not everyone will interact with your page on Facebook. Thus, maximizing other platforms such as Instagram and other social media sites is essential to drive traffic to your website and Facebook page. Here are a few examples of Instagram testimonials that can be linked back to your Facebook:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

(Image Credit: Elfsight)

You should also claim your Facebook business page to ensure you are creating a list of positive information about your product or service. By claiming your Facebook business page, you are likely to benefit from the high responsiveness. It would help if you also had people monitor feedback to ensure engagement and reviews are well captured.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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b. Optimize your content and page

Page optimization is essential in helping you to get customer feedback and adequately arrange them on your site. By optimizing your site, you are not only focusing on bringing positive reviews but ensuring other people get to see these reviews. You should ensure that websites or blog posts connected to your Facebook page are focused on giving clients an excellent experience. This act ensures that clients who access your website through your Facebook page have something good to say about your site making it easy to get more positive reviews.

c. Offer an incentive

Getting reviews is helpful and valuable for your business, but what does the customer have to get in return? By creating an incentive, you create an environment to get feedback often. You also ensure the clients do not feel used. Incentives can be as direct as “leave a comment on your experience with our product to stand a chance of enjoying 25% off your next order”. This captures the client’s attention and gives them something to look forward to, making it easy to get reviews from those happy with your service.

You can also have giveaways or hold a mini competition to enable clients to develop short clips using the product or what they like about the product to stand a chance of winning a free hamper. This not only allows you to get positive reviews; it is also a channel to help you develop vibrant and healthy conversations and get client feedback. You also increase your engagement level, making your Facebook page enjoyable.

d. Get reviews from influencers

Influencers play a significant role, and their reviews speak volumes to your conversion rates and public perception of your product. By having influencers use your products and give their reviews, you are likely to get the trust of more clients who will want to purchase your product, adding the number of people who can offer their reviews. Working with influencers also works to validate the reviews on your Facebook page and makes it easy for other people to want to relate to and use the product. It also inspires some clients to give their reviews when they see influencers giving theirs. For instance:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

(Image Credit: Shane Barker)

e. Meet customers where they are

If you want to grow customer reviews on your Facebook page, it’s essential to meet your clients there. By sending a request through messenger, you are likely to have more reviews sent directly to your Facebook page and increase your Facebook platform engagement. This avenue also makes leaving a review fast and easy, enabling you to get quality reviews.

f. Respond to reviews

Reviews are the client’s way of communicating with you and your brand. By responding to what your clients are saying, you help potential clients connect with your brand and even win those with negative feedback. By answering reviews even from those who give you bad feedback, you offer an olive branch and may even get a chance to redeem yourself, helping you mend the relationship with such clients. For example:

How to Get More Positive Reviews on Facebook

(Image Credit: Vendasta)

By positively working around negative reviews, you can ensure these clients are happy and come back to give you a positive review. Responding to reviews also motivates others to leave theirs as they don’t feel like they are talking to themselves.

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To see your page’s reviews, go to your page, click “recommendations” or “reviews” in the left column.

First off, you can’t delete negative reviews on Facebook. However, you can report it to Facebook if you believe it doesn’t adhere to the Facebook Community Guidelines.

A good rule of thumb is this, for every negative review on Facebook, you’ll need at least 10 new good reviews to combat the effect the negative review had.

Customer reviews research shows 44.6% of consumers are more likely to visit if a business responds to negative reviews, but don’t wait too long because 53.3% expect a response from you within seven days.


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