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Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

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Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Read time 12 min read
Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

Working as a realtor is extremely challenging and can quickly become overwhelming if you are in a region or area that is rife with competition and overly saturated with agents and agencies. Setting yourself apart is one way to stand out and attract new clientele as you establish your agency and self as credible, professional, and trustworthy.

As a real estate agent, you may be wondering if Facebook ads work for realtors, especially if you have plans to launch an online marketing campaign for your services. In order to create the best real estate Facebook ads that deliver results, there are a few tips, tricks, and guidelines to keep in mind throughout your social media marketing journey.

Set Goals and Define Your Audience

Before definitively answering do Facebook ads work for real estate, you must first define the audience you want to reach as well as the goals you intend to achieve, both in the short and long-term.

As a realtor, setting goals, timelines, and deadlines in place is simply part of the job. It is no different when you begin promoting and sharing your services to prospective customers and clients through the use of social media marketing.

Before working with a Facebook advertising agency for real estate agents or launching your own campaigns, be sure to set monetary, growth, and client goals. Define the audience you intend to reach on Facebook as well as other alternative platforms you intend to use to promote your realtor services.

Consider Your Target Clientele

Consider the specifics of the target clientele you are trying to reach and wish to represent as a realtor.

Are you interested in representing individuals in a set demographic or age bracket? Are you looking to help couples, or single individuals in their real estate pursuits? What type of properties are you planning to showcase and represent? Are you more interested in residential or commercial properties?

The more you know the target clientele you want to reach, the easier it is to determine the best keywords, imagery, and messaging to use within any type of marketing campaign you launch, including Facebook Ads campaigns.

Select Measurables and Metrics That Matter Most

Choosing measurables and metrics that are most important to you as a realtor and as the representative of a real estate agent is a must, especially when you are just getting started with Facebook ad campaigns. Measurables and metrics can help to keep track of the progress you are making as well as potential problem areas that require further investigation and changes.

As a realtor, some measurables and metrics that you may want to keep in mind whenever you are in the process of launching online marketing campaigns or campaigns with Facebook Ads include:

  • Followers: Are you interested in increasing the number of followers you have on social media? Tracking follower count can be a vital metric.
  • Subscribers: Use online campaigns to track the number of user subscribers or email subscribers you receive based on your campaign(s) launched as well as your target landing page(s).
  • Revenue: Track the amount of revenue you are able to generate as well as the commission you are able to generate based on the leads you receive from individual social media and Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Referrals: Receiving referrals and recommendations can help to answer do Facebook ads work for real estate questions. Receiving a referral or recommendation from a satisfied customer or client is one of the fastest ways to build your clientele while spreading the word about your business and your realtor skills and abilities.
  • Engagement: Another measure to consider keeping an eye on includes engagement, especially on your website’s blog as well as your social media pages. Tracking the trajectory of the engagement you receive on your website as well as with individual social media posts and ad campaigns can provide valuable insight into what your prospective clients and current followers want to see from you.

Before launching any campaign you have in mind for yourself as a realtor or as the representative of a real estate agent, define which measurables and metrics are most important to you. Once you know which measurables and metrics you want to track and monitor, launching campaigns with a singular goal in mind is much easier and less confusing, even if you are new to the realm of digital and social media marketing. Also, make sure to use helpful tools to track these metrics, for instance:

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Octoboard)

Set Short and Long-Term Financial Goals

Setting both short and long-term goals is extremely important, regardless of the business you are in as well as your own professional position. Without short and long-term goals, you may find yourself directionless and lost when making decisions or choosing a path that is optimal for you as a realtor.

Even if you are not intending to use your online Facebook ads as a means of generating revenue, it is highly advisable to consider the financial goals and options you have when putting together your digital marketing strategy. If you do not want to generate any financial gains, consider other benefits that Facebook Ads can provide to you in the short and long-term.

Create Your Online Presence

Before you can launch your campaigns for the world to see, you need to create your online presence. If you are just using a Facebook page without an official domain name or website, it may be more difficult to gain the trust of those who have a genuine interest in your realtor services but are not yet convinced.

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Register Your Domain Name and Website

First, decide on and register your preferred domain name. Register a domain name that is relevant to your real estate services or your agency’s name itself. Some tips to keep in mind when registering a domain name for the first time:

  • Avoid using difficult or challenging spelling. Do not deviate from the official spelling of your real estate agency.
  • Avoid using hyphens whenever possible, unless your agency specifically uses a hyphen in your brand name.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling when choosing a name for your agency as well as your domain name to appear as professional as possible.
  • Research your preferred domain name(s) to verify that they do not already exist or that another competing real estate agent has already claimed your desired name.

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Love2Dev)

Create Your Facebook Page

Set up your Facebook page once you have registered your official domain name. When setting up your social media pages, use the same name as your domain name whenever possible. You can create a separate Facebook page from your main personal account to help prospective and current clients distinguish your profiles.

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Brand and Streamline Your Facebook Page(s)

Branding and streamlining your Facebook page is a way to quickly assert yourself as well as your professional position as a realtor. Use the same logo on your Facebook page as your official website or blog.

Include a link to your official website as well as your slogan or any phrase you typically use on your website. Ensure that the same visuals and aesthetic are used on your Facebook as your website to help with solidifying branding for your agency. For example:

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Fit Small Business)

Setting Up Your Facebook Campaigns 

Before you can answer whether Facebook ads work for realtors, it is important to know how to properly set up your own real estate campaigns using the Facebook Ads platform itself.

Once you have set up your agency’s Facebook page, you can begin creating ad campaigns with the use of Facebook’s own ad platform, Facebook Ads. Using Facebook Ads is quick, easy, and does not require extensive programming, coding, or web design knowledge.

The Facebook Ads platform also provides users with in-depth guides and tutorials to help get you started in the right direction if you are completely new to digital ad campaigns.

Selecting the Right Keywords and Phrases

When setting up your first Facebook ads for real estate agents, selecting the right keywords and phrases for your campaign is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. If you are unsure of which keywords you want to hone in on, consider the audience you are targeting as well as the type of properties individuals in your area may be searching for and how they do so online.

Brainstorm keywords and phrases that are most common in your market and industry as well as popular trends within the real estate agent industry that are most likely to resonate with your prospective clients.

Use tools such as Google Adwords as well as free services such as Google Trends to research keywords and phrases that resonate most with you as a realtor and the type of representation you intend to provide. With various trend-tracking tools, learn more about what your demographics may be searching for, even down to specific months and times of year that your preferred keywords and phrases perform the best. The image below shows an example of Google Trends:

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Setting Up Segmented Audiences

Designating segmented audiences is another way for you to better optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns. Create segmented audiences based on various measurables and metrics that matter most to your agency as well as to yourself as a professional realtor. Some ideas for segmented audiences for a real estate agency may include:

  • Social media audience: Target only your followers and prospective clients on social media
  • Demographic targeting: Target prospective clients based on their age, location, gender, and even their job or income level. You can also use Facebook Ads to further target groups of individuals based on hobbies and interests they have expressed to enjoy themselves.
  • Geo-targeting: Target individuals based on specific countries, states, regions, and even specific neighborhoods and zip codes, based on where you intend to work and represent properties as a realtor.
  • Marital status: Consider targeting audiences based on their marital status and whether they are currently single, married, or even divorced.
  • First-time homebuyers: You can also target first-time homebuyers, depending on the type of clientele you are trying to attract.

Solving Problems and Addressing Pain Points

While working towards establishing yourself as a professional realtor online, consider what problems you intend to solve for your clients and which pain points you are best at addressing and resolving for others.

In order to stand out among the local and regional competition, you will need to make a name for yourself by the types of services you offer as well as the overall level of quality your services are to those you serve.

When you know which problems your prospective and current clients may have when it comes to placing their home on the market or placing a bid on a new property, it is much easier to resonate and relate with them on a personal level. The more personable and relatable you are to your clients and prospective clients, the easier it becomes to gain trust and build loyalty among your clientele.

Selecting Images and Overall Aesthetic

When building your Facebook ad, consider the type of image, graphic, or illustration you want to use to help attract readers and prospective clients to learn more about your services as a local realtor. Try using carousel advertisements like the one below to show multiple images:

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: National Association of Realtors)

With many sponsorship and advertising opportunities, you only have one chance to make a positive and lasting impression with your followers and prospective clients. The right image can stop a user from scrolling in their tracks, prompting them to learn more about your real estate agency and the realtor services you provide.

Choosing an Eye-Catching Headline

Selecting the right headline for your Facebook ad can make or break a campaign. A dull, boring, or uninspiring headline is not likely to attract readers or incentivize users to click a link or visit your website. If you are unsure of how to craft the right type of headline, consider spending time immersing yourself in campaigns launched by your local and regional competitors.

Using the Right CTAs

Using the right CTA, or call-to-action can make a significant difference when it comes to the outcome of your online campaign. A CTA that helps address a pain point or solve a problem is much more likely to succeed than a traditional link to an online product or service. When learning about which CTA method works best for your intended audience on Facebook, be sure to use A/B testing. Here is an example of a Facebook Ad call to action button:

Set Up The Best Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

(Image Credit: Hooquest)

Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Facebook Ads

Improving your real estate Facebook ads does not have to feel stressful, difficult, or confusing with a basic understanding of the Facebook Ads platform and all that it has to offer.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Monitor Incoming Data and Analytics

Use the Facebook Ads platform to gather in-depth data and analytics for each of the campaigns you launch. Learn more about which images, headlines, and CTAs work best to appeal to your target clients and those you intend to represent.

A/B Testing

Use A/B testing with Facebook Ads to compare which keywords, images, and trends work best when appealing to prospective real estate clients of your own online. A/B testing is the most commonly used method to track the overall performance of a group of ads as well as individual advertisements.

Ask for Feedback and Input Directly

Another way to gauge what it is that your customers and clients want is to ask for input and feedback directly from those who view your ads or those who follow your agency on social media.

Feedback and honest input from your followers and clients can also provide you with valuable insights into what more you may be able to do to attract and retain clients in the future. Using client feedback can help you to constantly work towards improvement as a professional realtor and as a person altogether.

Create engaging questions, polls, and updates to encourage conversation and feedback. Engaging your followers and prospective clients is a way to showcase transparency as you work towards solidifying your reputation as a professional realtor or real estate agency in your local area.

Creating real estate Facebook ads provides an array of opportunities when it comes to building a name for yourself, attracting new clientele, and maximizing your reach, both online and off. Using your social media ads can also help with garnering a new following of loyal prospective and ongoing clients.

Diib®: Get Your Facebook Ads Campaign Started!

Whether you choose to create your own Facebook ads or you opt to work with a Facebook advertising agency for real estate agents, using Facebook is one of the quickest ways to spread the word about your services and the real estate agency that you own or represent. Partnering with Diib Digital will give you the vital statistics you need to make strategic advertising decisions. Here are some of the features of our User Dashboard that set us apart from the crowd:

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Facebook ads for your real estate business are vital to success! Facebook ads can be hyper-local, very visual, affordable and can build trust with your target audience.

There are so many tips to a successful Facebook ad campaign. Here are a few:

  • Update your cover photo frequently. You can use this space to highlight homes you’re listing.
  • Create Helpful Tabs.
  • Always reply to comments.
  • Use high quality photos and video.
  • Focus on local interest.
  • Share interesting and informative facts.

Here are the steps to creating your first Facebook ad: 1) Create your campaign by choosing your company page from the drop down menu. 2) Create an ad account; ensure all your data is correct. 3) Create an ad set with target market and demographics. 4) Create your ad.

The first place to start on targeting your ideal audience is based on location. Facebook allows you to target people living within a certain zip code. Next, you can add demographic filters such as: age, income, family status ect.

The real answer is, it depends. If you want to know CPC (Cost-per-click), then you’re looking at around $0.27 per click. If you are measuring impressions (CPM), then you’re looking at around $7.19 cost per thousand impressions.


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