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How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

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How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

Read time 14 min read
How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas


Facebook social media platform is not only used for communication, but also to set up successful ads. A successful ad campaign means being able to reach the target audience on Facebook based on previous purchases and interests of the clients. 

To establish a successful ad campaign, a company or a business has to determine the owner of an ad space first. In this case, the platform used is Facebook. There are various formats through which Facebook campaigns appear. Such formats include; image, text, slideshow, video or having a combination of them. 

Video format expresses a company’s products or services in video form. This provides an interactive appearance of the products and services to the clients. Furthermore, video format is more engaging to the clients compared to other formats. 

Slideshow ad format involves a showcase of videos or images that tell a story or a summary of the company’s brand and products they sell. Images on the other hand provide a format whereby the ads motivate viewers to engage through visuals of high-quality resolution. The other format is the carousel that involves a collection of ten images or videos where each video or image has its own link. Facebook ads can also appear in the form of Lead Generation Ads. Through these ads, customers are allowed to give their contact information by filling in instant forms. The company then makes use of the leads provided to connect with the clients so as to assist them in purchasing the products. 

What’s more, the best Facebook ads campaign may also appear in the form of Instant Experience. This describes a situation where a Facebook user may click on the company’s ad and a full screen appears to highlight the products and services offered. 

Setting up a successful Facebook ad campaign requires a business owner or the hired professional to have strategies. The first strategy is dependent on the purpose for advertising on Facebook. The second strategy involves having consistent traffic on the website. Thirdly, it’s about creating an email list that is active and is able to engage many people. Finally, the ad user should create unique content about the company. 

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad campaign interface, komarketing.com)

To achieve these strategies, the best Facebook ads campaign user should give visitors of the site or social media page free content. This content may educate, inspire or entertain the potential customers. Engaging people in the email lists through sending messages in the Facebook ads and through email marketing also proves to be an effective strategy. 

Did you know? Monthly, Facebook has around 2.41 billion active users.

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

There are several steps of how to start a Facebook ad campaign setup. The first step is to decide on a campaign objective that falls in line with the goal and the purpose of the ad. A Facebook advertising campaign involves three stages that include; a campaign, an ad set, and the advert itself. 

A campaign forms the foundation of the ad. In the campaign stage, the company sets the objectives that revolve around the action that the clients will see. Objectives of the ad include; awareness, conversion and consideration. 

The second step is to look for an ideal custom audience. The ad set determines how the ad operates. Therefore, establishing the audience is an essential factor in setting up the ad campaign. The audience can be established in three ways; one, through target demographics options of interest that targets clients who have not interacted with the business previously. Secondly, the clients are narrowed down using the list of potential customers, and third, laying out financial variables such as affluence to purchase a behavior. An example behavior is having premium buyers. 

The third step in establishing a successful ad campaign is building and testing out the ad creative. The ad level is what the clients are shown. Therefore, all designs, including the videos and images are selectively chosen. The look of your Facebook ad highly depends on the advertising strategy that you chose. 

The best method to create your Facebook ad campaign is creating numerous ads throughout as you run the campaign. This action aids in improving performance. Therefore, you should first define the strategy you would like to use, then establish an ideal customer audience, and finally, launch a successful ad campaign through testing out the ad creative. 

Be informed that running a successful ad campaign takes time. Eventually, the investments in the Facebook ad campaign will pay off in the long run. You may regard this article as a Facebook advertising manual.

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How to Implement and Manage a Facebook Ad Campaign

A lot of details have to be considered when trying to implement your ads on Facebook. Remember, you could apply some tips to help you reduce advertising Facebook ad campaign cost, drive webinar registrations and to avoid the negative influence of common advertisement myths on the Facebook social media platform.

The Advertising industry is a vast global industry worth billions of dollars. However, advertising on the social media platform can prove to be an overwhelming task. Here we are going to discuss how to effectively set up a Facebook business campaign or start a Facebook Campaign.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Facebook Canvas Ads 

Canvas ads consist of call-to-actions, still images, videos, text, and other interactive features. Statistics make evident the fact that a lot of time is spent on this exercise but it is definitely worth it. Canvas ads can be extremely popular as 53 percent of users that open a Canvas ad view at least half of it. Obviously, using several ad types like text and images creates a greater appeal.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

(Facebook Canvas Ads templates, wordstream.com)

Also, creating Canvas Ads is relatively easy as developing the UI involves working with a drag and drop feature. The process may also involve a template as you could include it in showcasing your brand, business or template that sells products and so on. In addition, Canvas Ads are fast to implement compared to the slower loading landing pages.

2. Showcase Facebook Carousel Ads’ Products

Carousel ads are engineered or custom-made for the display of various e-commerce products in one swipe-able ad. You can showcase up to 10 different videos or images with different kinds of CTAs. These ads are presentable to desktop and mobile screens and are applicable to a variety of Facebook ad objectives.

3. Page Post Engagement Ads

This is a good solution for entrepreneurs who would like to get the attention of most of their Facebook campaign fans who like their pages.

This option allows you to interact with the customer base who already have an interest in your product. It offers you the golden opportunity to showcase new product launches with people who have already ”shared” or ”liked” what you have posted so far.

4. Try Facebook Video Ads

If you have never tried video Ads, what are you waiting for? More than 500 million video viewers watch from the Facebook platform on a daily basis. Videos have a strong appeal and as you might expect, keeping the videos as short and interesting as possible is highly recommended when you want to use them for Facebook business campaigns.

5. Expand your options with Facebook GIF Ads

Use GIFs to advertise your brand name and catchy advertisement words that fundamentally describe what your business offers. Ten seconds is enough to get your catchy message across.

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6. Use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead Ads are designed to be used specifically with mobile phones, usually popping up once you launch one of your favorite apps. They usually contain important information like contact details. Also, they are relatively cheaper and more effective. They save the customer the trouble of having to visit the main website for some basic information.

7. Mine for Information with Facebook Analytics

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel by conducting all research by yourself. Facebook Analytics have already done all the mining for you as they can reveal how often clients are visiting your Facebook page, mobile applications and websites.

8. Consider the Facebook Pixel

A Facebook Pixel is one piece of code that allows you to track conversions involving product procurement, downloads and general site traffic when it is run on your website. Automatically, all this data is then implemented on your adverts.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

(To use the Facebook Pixel, login to your Facebook Ads Manager, and click on all tools, then pixels)

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

(This screen will then show up and you can create a pixel and give it a name)

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

(After you name your pixel, just click create, adespresso.com)

9. Start a Facebook Campaign and Setup your Account Structure Correctly

Structure your account details in the right manner. All important financial-related information like the level at which the budget should be controlled (usually the ad set level) should be clearly defined to ensure a smooth process.

Select the most convenient ad campaign, break down the ad sets and cycle your ad sets through the active campaigns in order to determine the most convenient Facebook ad campaign cost.

Did you know? 90 million small businesses have accounts on Facebook.

10. It’s Not Always About a Massive Budget

Managing a successful Facebook Ad campaign is not just about spending lots of money. It is more about utilizing what you already have. With small budgets, optimization becomes more essential. And to fully optimize your new and existing campaigns, you’re going to have to be good with Google Analytics. 

11. Focus on Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing is actually launching adverts, specifically targeting previous customers. For example, if you have an online store that works similarly to Amazon, you might want to direct a shoe advert to a visitor who added a shoe to his or her cart but forgot to purchase it. Remarketing is highly effective as it allows you to reach particular visitors based on an action they’ve already taken on your website or social accounts. One of the most commonly used Facebook Remarketing strategies is called custom audiences.

12. Get Familiar with Custom Audiences

Knowledge regarding the setup and implementation of Facebook campaigns using Custom audiences is fundamental and highly recommended.

13. Experiment with Similar Audiences

As much as targeting previous customers is crucial, you should also be on the constant lookout for new prospects. This will ensure your customer base is always on the rise. Looking for audiences is somehow similar to that of Custom Audiences in the layered targeting sense. It is actually looking for new audiences based on some data obtained from your current or previous audiences.

14. Audience Insights for Audience Creation

In any business, feedback from the customer is very important. As some people say, the customer is always right. There are tools out there you can use to get insights from your web portals or social media platforms.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

(Audience Insights, blog.hootsuite.com)

One tool that you could use to extract this kind of data from your Facebook account is called Audience Insights. It enables you to access profile information provided by Facebook users and other data like purchasing trends. This data will aid in the process of audience creation. All these different varieties of data can be sourced from everyone connected to your page, your existing custom audience and other Facebook users around the globe.

15. Layered Targeting

If you just launched your enterprise and you are on the serious lookout for clients, your best option is manual targeting. Manual targeting or layered targeting is looking for new clients based primarily on demographics, interests and behaviors of a group of people. By demographics I mean putting into consideration factors like age, location, gender relationship status, language and so on.

To ascertain that your Facebook ads are highly effective, try to initiate efforts like matching your competitors, implement sizing and space requirements, create relevant ads and consider the GDPR.

16. Implement Sizing & Spec Requirements

Make sure all your slideshows, videos and images have the correct specifications before you post them online:

  • Slideshow ads: Size: 1,289 x 720 pixels. Text: 90 characters. Link description: 30 characters. Ratio: 16:9, 1:1, or 2:3. Headline: 25 characters.
  • Image ads: Size: 1,200 X 628 pixels. Ratio: 1.91:1. Text: 90 characters. Headline: 25 characters. Link description: 30 characters.
  • Video ads: Ratio: 16:9. Resolution: at least 720p. File size: 2.3 GB max. Thumbnail size: 1,200 x 675 pixels. Headline: 25 characters. Link description: 30 characters. Format: mp4. Text: 90 characters.
  • Carousel ads: Image size: 1,080 x 1,080 pixels. Text: 90 characters. Link description: 20 characters. Headline: 40 characters. Image/video ratio: 1:1.

17. Construct Relevant Facebook Ads

Relevance Score basically means the engagement and quality level of your adverts on Facebook. Relevance Score is crucial as it determines your cost per click and how often the social media platform displays your advert. Relevance score exists on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher your relevance score is, the more it appeals to the audience.

18. Not All Facebook Ad Placements Are Created Equally

You can place ads in four different locations within Facebook:

  • Facebook’s mobile and desktop news feeds
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • The Audience Network

You can also opt to run your ads either on all devices, mobile phones or desktop devices. Remember that there are particular ad placements that work much better when used together with each other.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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19. Match Your Competitors

Data sourced from 256 different accounts from 18 different industries, from a survey done in 2017, revealed the following metrics as fundamental.

  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) 
  • Average Conversion Rate (CVR) 
  • Average Cost per Click (CPC) 
  • Average Cost per Action (CPA) 

All these parameters are on Facebook by industry. Considering all the metrics mentioned above will definitely be a step forward in moving towards as low a CPA as possible. This applies to all industries across the board.

20. Be Wary of the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took full effect on May 25, 2018 is a fundamental collection of digital privacy laws and regulations that defend rights of business owners and individuals.

Primarily, almost every aspect of our lives nowadays revolves around data. From governments, retailers, banks to social media companies, many services we use include the collection and analysis of our personal data. Details like credit card numbers, names and addresses are all collected, analyzed and stored by these structures and companies.

The GDPR brings reforms to laws including those around privacy, personal data and consent. Data stealing happens a lot. There have been cases of stolen information or private information being put out to the general public by people with ulterior motives.

According to the terms of GDPR, organizations have to guarantee that personal data is gathered legally and those responsible for collection and management of it are obliged to protect it. The rights of data owners should be respected.

The GDPR was initially created for the EU. However, the reforms are applicable to any organization operating within the EU, as well as any organizations outside of the EU that offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU. Ultimately, this translates to the fact that almost every significant corporation around the globe needs a strategy that is GDPR compliant.

Lastly, Facebook also made some changes in data regulation policies. These changes include a Custom Audiences permission tool that requires some form of proof for you to be granted permission to use custom audiences.

Other changes involve additional restrictions placed on Facebook Pixel usage and a relevant legal basis is required for you to have legal rights over the consumer data you mine.

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