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Engaging Chiropractic Facebook Post Ideas

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Engaging Chiropractic Facebook Post Ideas

Read time 16 min read
Chiropractic posts

Test your website’s SEO and social media score in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO and social media monitoring tools in the world. Diib syncs to Facebook and Google Analytics and uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your social media traffic and SEO rankings.


Easy-to-use automated social media + SEO tool


Automated ideas to improve Social Media traffic + sales


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas

What is Chiropractic Social Media Marketing?

Chiropractic social media marketing is using social media networks and websites to market the services you provide. This is a new way of engaging with your current patients, reaching out to your potential patients and promoting the mission and tone of your practice. Chiropractic social media is constantly changing. As popularity continues to increase, more and more chiropractors are taking advantage of the available opportunities. 

Chiropractic Facebook Post Ideas

There are more than 1.6 million active users on Facebook every day updating their statuses and checking newsfeeds. On average, users spend 136 minutes on social media each day. This data shows the power of communicating with your potential and existing patients on Facebook. Engaging your patients on the internet while running your practice is a challenge. You can encourage patient engagement both offline and online with Facebook posts. The best chiropractic Facebook post ideas include: 

Asking Questions

Consumers enjoy having a conversation on social media and talking about themselves. Ask your Facebook followers questions and include catchy graphics. You can then ask your followers to share, comment on or like your post. This encourages your followers to personally participate in the conversation. Always use a question to end your post. This encourages engagement with both your practice and other followers on your page. For example:

Chiropractic posts

(Image Credit: Angie Gensler)

Offering Interesting Tips and Statistics

Use your Facebook page to share any videos, facts or stories you believe will be of interest to your community and patients. Do not include a lot of jargon in your information. Your best option is placing your focus on the average person with an interest in chiropractic care. 

In addition to your patients finding the information you shared amusing or helpful, some will receive the encouragement they require to make an appointment. There are numerous consumers in need of your services due to neck or back pain too afraid to visit a chiropractor. You can use your post to set them at ease. For instance:

Chiropractic posts

(Image Credit: Perfect Patients)

Funny and Inspirational Messages

The chances are good you have seen a lot of inspirational and motivational messages on your friend’s and business associate’s Facebook pages. A lot of people will click like when they see a motivational message. This is a good opportunity to improve your engagement on Facebook. 

Always be Yourself

If you are interested in having some fun, social media is an excellent choice. Show the personality of your team and practice in your posts. You can put your personality out there for your followers to appreciate. You can post photos taken at your practice showing what happens on a daily basis. Answer commonly asked questions with a video or post. You can have a holiday giveaway for a box of chocolates, 10 percent off a service or a stuffed chiropractor bear. Here is another example of a chiropractic team being themselves:

Chiropractic posts

(Image Credit: Perfect Patients)

Post your giveaway on Facebook and the number of likes you receive should increase significantly because you will be catching the eyes of your followers. According to the most recent statistics, you will receive a minimum of 59 percent more engagement with a video post than any other type. Engagement and the quality of your post is a lot more important than the quantity. Create a few high-quality videos you believe your patients will appreciate. You can use any of the following topics to start. 

  • Share your thoughts regarding a new trend or hot topic
  • Demonstrate techniques for the relief of back pain
  • Announce the winner of your promotion or giveaway
  • Announce a new promotion
  • Introduce new members of your staff
  • Post a live video or an event you are hosting or sponsoring

Chiropractic Social Media Posts to Avoid

Understanding what not to post is just as important as knowing what is acceptable. There are specific types of posts you need to avoid at all costs. This includes:

Boastful Posts

Drawing attention to your achievements is great as long as your approach is tactful. If your post appears arrogant to your followers, you will receive negative feedback. 

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Divisive or Controversial Content

Making a comment on a controversial post is tempting. The problem is you run the risk of isolating a lot of your patients. 

Revealing Patient Information

If you decide to post either information or a photo of one of your patients, you need to be careful not to include any personal health information. Before you post any patient photos, make certain you obtain the consent of your patient. Do not give too many details regarding specific bodily functions. You can get your point across without taking it too far. 

Ideal Facebook Chiropractic Posts

Posting on social media can be difficult. Engaging and connecting to all of your patients is hard. You might not realize that only 30 percent of your followers actually see specific posts. For this reason, you need to make certain your patients will want to read the posts they do see such as experiences, jokes and contests. You can use Facebook successfully to connect to your patients and help ensure interactions with your posts. 

This is a good option to strengthen the relationship you have with your patients. Increasing their satisfaction also improves the chance they will refer their friends and family to your practice. Using Facebook as a means of connecting with your patients can be as or more effective than running advertisements. You will need to have numerous patients following and liking your page to receive the desired amount of interaction. 

The more interactions you achieve, the better. There are different chiropractic strategies you can use for increasing your Facebook followers including:

Asking for Likes

When your patients are at your office, ask them to like your page. You can do this personally or have your staff make the request after they have checked in, before leaving your office or while they are receiving an adjustment. When you include a personal touch, your patients are encouraged to take a look at your Facebook page. You can ask your patients if they have ever seen your Facebook page. Tell them what you post such as pictures, contests and office updates. 

Putting Up a Sign

Put up a sign in your office, on the front desk or on your door. Tell your patients you have a Facebook page. Ask them to like your page for pictures, contests and office updates. Make certain to say thank you. A sign should increase the number of likes you receive on Facebook. For example:

Chiropractic posts

Enticing Offers

Providing your patients with an enticing offer is a good way to get them to like your Facebook page. You can explain your offer in person or have it printed on a card. You will achieve the most success by handing cards to your patients. You can make your offer on a card such as thanking them for being a patient and letting them know they will receive a free adjustment or discounted service by liking your page. For instance:

Chiropractic posts

(Image Credit: baycitydc)

You can even ask them to tag a friend or two. When a patient is offered something of value, the chances of them liking your page increases significantly. Asking them to tag a few friends is a clever way of providing your practice with more exposure on social media. 

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Benefits of a Facebook Chiropractic Post

To be successful on Facebook you have to know your audience. The only way to engage your patients is by understanding the way they feel and think. This means you should refine your strategy while managing your expectations. Learning about the benefits of Facebook is not the same as receiving them, but increasing your number of followers will generally bring in more patients. You can obtain one of the best benefits just by posting on a regular basis. 

Regular posts allow you to remain in your patient’s thoughts all year long. Every time a patient sees one of your posts they are reminded to make an appointment. You are also encouraging patients to offer referrals. There is always someone on Facebook asking for a recommendation. This can be for a plumber, contractor, piano lessons or a chiropractor. When you are active on Facebook, you increase the chance one of your patients will refer to your practice. 

Facebook is critical for improving awareness of your brand. You need to educate your patients regarding your specialty or area of experience such as sports chiropractors. This will show your practice is an authority. The result is an improvement in awareness of your brand and maintaining follower engagement. Getting new followers is just as important. You can accomplish this by understanding what chiropractic patients are looking for. The main reasons consumers will follow your brand include: 

  • Available incentives
  • Interest in the services you provide
  • Communication with your brand
  • Entertaining posts
  • Interest in your industry
  • Interest in your promotions
  • Your content is liked or followed by friends

This means your followers must have an incentive or an interest in your practice to follow your Facebook page. You can also gain followers by posting interesting content. The best way to succeed is by using your personality to ensure your posts are unique and entertaining. Do not forget Facebook is essentially a balancing act. You need to remind your patients you are the chiropractor to see in your community while ensuring your pages are always interesting. 

If you ignore the needs and wants of your followers, you are going to lose them. Your patients are not interested in seeing specials every single day. Another mistake is using generic content filled with jargon the average person is unable to understand. A survey was conducted regarding the reasons consumers follow specific brands. The results showed consumers would unfollow a brand for all of the following reasons. 

  • Using jargon or slang
  • Attempting to be amusing and failing dismally
  • Posting promotions constantly
  • Failing to reply to messages
  • Posts lacking in personality and generic posts

All of this means the best ways to maintain your following on Facebook is by balancing your promotional content, being responsive and improving your overall tone. Do not give in to the temptation to post about controversial topics or politics or there is a good chance you will alienate at least half of your audience. 

Chiropractic Images for Facebook

In the past, Facebook was much simpler. All you had to do was sign up for your business page and include your bio and logo. You would then publish a couple of sentences every few days. Nothing else was necessary. Facebook has changed a lot since then and the expectations of users are much higher now. Users are interested in a professional profile showcasing the brand they want to know more about. If you only use text, your potential followers will immediately scroll right past you. 

This is the reason chiropractic images for Facebook have become so important. Images make your posts more appealing and engaging. You can attract 94 percent more users with visual content as opposed to plain text. Visual content is also shared approximately 40 percent more often than text content. People scroll through their feeds quickly. What usually stops them is an image of a person. 

Including images for every new post will help with your engagement. You can use images as a tool to stimulate referrals and increase your user retention. When your followers remain engaged, it is easy to remind them to consider their chiropractic health. 

Improving Chiropractic Social Media Posts

Defining Your Specialty

Your potential patients must know what your specialties are from the start. You need to state your values clearly including the way you believe patients should be treated. Tell your patients if you follow older practices, are a modern thinker, mixed chiropractor or offer objective chiropractors. Explain how you handle specific issues and procedures. If you want to reach your target audience, you need to provide answers to all of these questions. For instance:

Chiropractic posts

Optimizing Your Facebook Account

Optimizing your account makes it easier for potential patients to find your practice. The definition of optimization is ensuring your actions are the most effective and efficient possible. You can achieve this with Facebook by making certain everything is organized, you are clear about what you are offering and adding new images. The same brand needs to be reflected in all of your pages. Use the same captions to create consistency and clarity. 

Posting Pictures

Ask your patients if you can take videos or pictures and ask for testimonials. Most of your patients will be delighted when you ask if you can post them on Facebook. This shows your followers the relationships you have with your patients are genuine. You will intrigue your followers because they will be unable to resist what you are offering. Posting fun pictures of your staff can also help your patients feel more willing to come to your office, for instance:

Chiropractic posts

Facebook Tabs

You can use a Facebook tab for direct appointments. Placing a tab on your page enables current and future patients to make appointments online instead of having to call your office. You can eliminate any confusion by providing the times and dates you are available. Display the times and dates already scheduled to appear as professional and efficient as possible. 

Chiropractic Tips

Use Facebook for sharing tips with your patients including healthy lifestyles and easing pain. Short daily tips including avoiding sleeping on the stomach, stretching and sitting up correctly will ensure your followers are constantly checking for the next tip. For example:

Chiropractic posts

(Image Credit: Practina)

Learning from Others

You can become an expert by learning from others. Facebook gives you a power unavailable in the past. You can connect with other professionals in your industry to learn. Learning is essential for every career because knowledge is never wasted. Find a few chiropractors you respect and follow them on Facebook. When you send a direct message, you might be surprised at the relationship that develops. Do not forget every expert began as a student. 

Sharing Resources

You can help your patients live a healthy lifestyle by sharing your resources. Your followers will check your page for information about healthy living. You can discuss the importance of a balanced diet, the best exercises to perform at home, how to stay in shape and advice for coping with pain. You can help your patients with back pain, neck pain and joint pain, and share new resources, ideas and books. You can help your patients mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here is an example of a chiropractic office sharing resources:

Chiropractic posts

Active Engagement

You can actively engage with both potential and current patients on Facebook by offering replies and making comments. Be both a chiropractor and yourself on Facebook. When you receive comments, reply back and start a conversation. Conversations make your patients feel as though they know you on a personal level.

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One of the fastest growing posts on social media are live videos. You could feature giveaways, employee spotlights, special discounts or relevant community events.

Besides the social media presence we’ve already discussed, there are many ways of promoting your business. Local SEO is vital for success. Followed closely by AdWord Ads and blogging. Sending out regular emails is also a great way to keep yourself in the minds of your patients.

First off, avoid overly promotional content. Political and/or religious content can be a huge deterrent. Avoid sending out a negative or derogatory vibe to your patients. Make sure you edit and check your posts for spelling errors and content accuracy.

Most growth experts recommend posting once per day, with a maximum of 2 times a day. Minimally, we recommend posting 3 times per week. Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day.

The most reliable engagement of content is during the work week, Tuesday to Friday, 8am-2pm.


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